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Company of Heroes FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0

Company of Heroes
Single Player Campaign Walkthrough

Author: LoneEagle013
Copyright 2006 LoneEagle013

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


09/21/06 - Created basic format. Finished Mission 15 walkthrough.

09/22/06 - Finished Missions 01, 02, 03, 04, 05.

09/23/06 - Finished Missions 06, 07, 08, 09, 10.

09/24/06 - Finished Missions 11, 12, 13, 14.


01. This is a quick, general guidelines to approach the single player

02. The difficulty setting for this strategy guide is normal mode, so what is
covered here may not apply on harder settings.

03. For the most part I will leave the approach to the objectives loosely,
mainly because there is more than one way to approach an objective. I
like it how I can replay the mission with completely different way of
doing things and each time they are equally impressive.

04. I will limit my walkthroughs in 10 points or less, wherever possible.
This way people will not have to remember too many stuff while they are
playing the game. I will highlight the crucial points of the mission, and
leave the rest to your imagination.

05. All Copyright restrictions apply here. I will not have any problems with
people posting this guide in their website, but leave everything intact
and as is. My style of writing is relatively unique and I can immediately
tell if it is my work being copied and pasted left and right. So just
leave my name on the top as is, and you have permission to use this guide
so long as it is non-commercial purposes. If you encounter this guide on a
pay-site (or if you have to pay to read this thing, then get your money

06. Since this is a Single Player Campaign walkthrough, many tactics that can
be applied here may not translate to Skirmish games. Campaign games tend
to be more of a puzzle of some sorts, while Skirmish is more involved than
that. The AI is not particularly smart in the SP campaign in my experience
playing the game.


01. Always builda extra engineers, because you never know when you gonna lose
one in the front lines, and having a quick replacement handy by the base
helps tremendously. In addition, they can quickly fix OPs and create
defenses if the enemy tries to cut off a point.

02. Build a halftrack whenever possible. Halftrack with a quad cannon is a
very effective infantry killing machine, and your squads can reinforce
near a halftrack.

03. Micromanage your Shermans when facing serious threats (AT guns, panzers,
etc.). Flanking AT guns from the rear usually takes care of the crew
in one shot, and having your Sherman mobile while attacking a panzer
will make it survive much longer. Smokescreens help too, so buy them
when you have the spare resources for them. In general Shermans cannot
go toe to toe with German armors unless they're supported by engineers or
infantries equipped with bazookas.

04. Keep your munition rates high. Munitions are crucial for taking care of
unexpected things, and many of the powerful abilities require a lot of
munition points to use. Fuel is more important in the beginning when you
are still building up your base and buying upgrades. But in the long run,
if you keep a good care of your tanks and vehicles, fuel becomes less
important. In short, look at the map and be sure to control the high yield
points and build OPs (Observation Posts) on them.

05. Always bring an engineer to the front lines so you can fix damaged
vehicles. Otherwise you will have to spend a lot more replacing destroyed
Shermans and Halftracks, especially if their engines are damaged from
enemy attacks and they cannot retreat back home in one piece.

06. Rifle squads with BAR upgrade can hold off their own against most infantry
threats except for MG42s and snipers. In other words, get the BAR as soon
as you can afford it. Engineers with flame throwers are good upgrades too
because that way they can hold off on their own against infantries to a
certain extent.

07. Units often make comments in relation to their current problems. Infantry
units will say whether they are being pinned or being wasted by panzers.
Shermans will say so when they are attacked by AT guns or panzers. Pay
attention to these comments and reactions and you will keep your units

08. Picking up panzershrecks and bazookas for any infantry squads will
increase their effectiveness against armor units considerably. Hence,
use your Shermans to soak up the damage while your infantries flank around
and go in for the kill.

09. On the other hand, garrisoned MG42s are best dealt with tanks. Leave your
infantry squads behind while the tanks make short work of the garrisoned
fools. Mortar crew works too, but it might take a while.

10. Snipers can make a short work out of heavy weapon crews out in the open.
However, snipers are really vulnerable against motorcycles. Keep an eye
on them and pull your sniper out when necessary. A veteran sniper can
move much faster while being camouflaged. Heavy weapons in this case
include MGs, mortars, fixed gun emplacements, and AT guns. The converse
is also true for axis snipers, and jeeps are your best counterattack for
sniper attacks. Although for the most part, I use my snipers to counter
snipe the enemy.

11. Snipers are also useful as front line scouts. Make sure they hold their
fire so they do not reveal themselves needlessly. This is really useful
for infantry command path, because once you obtain howitzers and calliope
shermans, their attacks are much more accurate when the area is revealed.

12. Airbornes are much deadlier with their recoilless rifles. Upgrade whenever
you can afford them. They are also much more effective if you pair two
squads together. Pairing infantry squads usually work well universally,
because one can soak up fire while the other goes in for the kill.

13. Build howitzers in a position relatively in center of the map. That way
you can cover practically the entire map for heavy barrage. Howitzers
require some babysitting, however, so leave some defenses around them so
they don't get steamrolled by enemy attacks. Conversely, if the enemy have
nebelwerfers, take these out first because they can potentially take out
your own howitzers.

14. Always build a front line barracks whenever possible, so that you can
reinforce from that line instead all the way back from the base. It saves
time, especially when your army gets wasted by a lucky artillery strike.

15. Prioritize your enemies. Always take out units that pose the most threat
to your army. Field artilleries should be taken out immediately because
they can rain down punishment from far away, and their Area of Effect
(AOE) damage is tremendous. Panzers and AT guns are major threats to your
Shermans and armor vehicles. Snipers, MGs and Mortars are dangerous to
your infantry squads. Given the chance, pull the Shermans back first,
since your army can always issue retreat to base which makes them more
likely than not survive the encounter, whereas Shermans take time to pull
out of the hot zone and will take all the punishment when the infantries
are gone.

16. Build a triage center right in front of your HQ, so that whenever you
have units retreating they will be automatically healed by your triage
center. The easiest way to determine the optimum location is to have
one of your infantries retreating somewhere close from the base. The
point where they stop is best used as a point of reference to where
you should build the triage center.


MISSION 01: D-Day/Omaha Beach

Primary Objective: (1) Get 25 Soldiers on the Beach
(2) Move Engineers to the Shingle
(3) Destroy Bunker with Satchel Charge
(4) Neutralize 88 Guns on the Beach (2)

Secondary Objective: Clear 3 German Bunkers

Medal Objective: Clear Left Beach Exit


01. This is the first mission, so it shouldn't be too hard. Listen to the
in-game cues and conversations, and you should have a good idea what
to do. They are very helpful in the game, even until the end.

02. For the first objective, just drag your mouse and mass select your units.
Then move them toward the shingle. Keep doing so until you have most of
Able on the shingle.

03. Get the sniper camouflaged, and snipe the closest MG42 crew. This will
give your engineers an easier time to reach the shingle.

04. Move your engineers from tank trap to tank trap, and they should survive
the MG42 onslaught.

05. Use your snipers to take care of the MG42 crews as you go up the hill.
Once it is clear, use your engineer to blow things up with satchel charge.

06. Take out the bunkers first, because infantries spawn from there. Continue
slowly as your sniper take care of the Machine gun emplacements, as well
as manned heavy guns (88 guns and such). Use your rifle squads to cover
the engineers as they move from one place to another. Grab any light MG42s
you see, they will increase your squad's firepower tremendously.

07. Take out the final gun after you clear out the left beach exit, that way
you will get your first medal.

08. If you leave the closest 88 gun intact, you can use it to clear out the
left beach exit and the two objective 88 guns with less casualties.

Medal Earned: Expert Infantry Badge

MISSION 02: Vierville

Primary Objective: (1) Destroy AA Guns (5 total)
(2) Secure Road (3 total)
(3) Destroy Convoy (8 total)

Secondary Objective: (1) Capture Munitions Sector
(2) Rescue Baker Squad

Medal Objective: Ambush the Road patrols


01. Reinforce your Airborne squads to maximum. Then move them behind the thick
bush for protection. Use one squad to distract the the fire, while fire up
the other squad and toss in a satchel charge to the AA gun. Once the gun
is destroyed, the surviving german troops will retreat.

02. Capture the munition points and build an Observation Post (OP) to achieve
the secondary objective. Reinforce any lost men along the way.

03. Moving up a little bit, Baker Company is surrounded, so we need to rescue
them. Drop another squad, and fire up one of your squads and frag the MG42
crew. Fragging big groups of german troops would also make things a lot
easier and faster.

04. Once Baker is safe, reinforce your squads until you reach the population
limit. Try to balance the squads so they all at least have 3 men. Grab one
of the heave MG42 and station them pointing at the area where you're
supposed to plant the mine. Upgrade all of your men with recoiless rifle
if you can afford it, and grab and panzschrecks you see.

05. Capture the remaining munition points in the area before the road. Having
spare munitions never hurt anyone in the past, except for the enemy.

06. Mine the road, and have your squads (armed with recoiless and
panzschrecks) toward the road. Take out the first road patrol. After that,
move your squads to the road, covering your MG squad while they move and
prepare the gun. Point everyone at the direction from which the patrol
came. There should be several more patrols, and they go down real fast
with MG fire and anti-tank fire.

07. To your right, there is a German ammo dump that has tons of heavy
weapons if you need any. I would grab a mortar and any panzscrecks I see.
Destroy the bunker too, so less infantries to worry about.

08. Beyond this point, it should be relatively easy. Advance carefully and
cautiously, eliminating any enemy from safe cover. The AA guns can be
taken out with relatively the same procedure: distract, bum-rush them
with satchel charge and voila. Alternatively, you can grenade them out
and take over the AA guns, but we're short on men here so just blow them

09. Once you destroyed all the AA guns and capture all the roads, a German
Convoy will approach from the North. You have 2 minutes to prepare.
Reinforce all of your men, and all of your squads should have recoilless
guns or panzershrecks. Man the AA gun by the bunkers, and garrison the
bunkers with 2 full squads each. Mine the road right next to the point,
continuing on until past the bunker. The idea is so that not a single
unit escapes from the bunker area. Finally put an MG squad at the other
end of the road so it will intercept any escaping units from the ambush.

10. There will be eight waves of convoy - eliminate them swiftly. Attack
relentlessly and leave nothing to survive. Mission accomplished.

Medal Earned: Army Parachutist Badge.

MISSION 03: Carentan

Primary Objective: (1) Destroy Cafe Normandin
(2) Clear the Church area
(3) Garrison the Church
(4) Upgrade the Church to Barracks
(5) Capture the City Hall

Secondary Objective: Capture munition points.

Medal Objective: Inflict 30 sniper kills.


01. Get your squads to cover. The squad on the right should flank the building
and toss a satchel charge from relative safety. Boom. First objective

02. Capturing the church can get trickier. Same idea holds true here, but
there's more buildings, and they're relatively covering each other, so
this one is a little bit more involving. Clear out the building one by one
using grenades and satchel charges. Grenades are more resource efficient
when there's only one or two people in the building, while satchel charge
just brings down the house (quite literally).

03. Right across from the front of the church, there will be a building with
an MG42 garrisoned inside, and to the left there will be an AT gun. Use
the fire-up ability to rush in and grenade the AT, while use another squad
to fire-up and toss in a satchel charge into the building while the MG is
preoccupied with the other squad. Once the area is clear, garrison the
church and upgrade it to field barracks.

04. Train several snipers (2 or 3). Blow up the wires to the left of the
church. Clear the area using the snipers, while keeping an eye on enemy
snipers camping in the building. Make sure you lure them with your
Airborne squad, then use your sniper to countersnipe him. Proceed with
two squads of airborne and the sniper pair around the town, capturing
points along the way.

05. Train a mortar crew. Using your sniper as the eyes, bombard the garrisoned
building to the left of the city hall. Your third sniper should start
clearing out the area in front of the building which your mortar team is
bombing away. You should get 30 sniper kills in no time to win the medal.

06. Make sure to capture all the point on the map before going in for the
kill. Your 2 squads of Airborne and sniper pair should build OPs along
the way, and should stop relatively to the right of the city hall. Have
them sit there and wait for the main attack.

07. In this area, there are two buildings garrisoned with snipers. Have your
mortar crew move to the right munition point and pound the buildings
until they're gone. If you can get the motorcycle along the way too, even
better. Once the enemy snipers are gone, let your snipers loose and rip
anything out in the open.

08. Capture some AT guns to anticipate a panzer counterattack. Once everything
is ready and good to go, have your snipers take out AT guns, MG 42s, and
mortar crews while your AT gun should fire at the garrisoned MGs by the
city hall. The rest of the airbornes should attack and support the AT
by tossing in satchels.

09. Armored car will show up from the north. Take it out, and the mission
should end once the cars have been destroyed and all axis forces retreat
to the north.

Medal Earned: Army Sharpshooter Badge.

MISSION 04: Carentan Counterattack

Primary Objective: (1) Establish Defense Perimeter (10:00)
(2) Defend the Town Hall
(3) Defend the Church
(4) Destroy all Axis Armor (4)

Secondary Objective: None

Medal Objective: Inflict 250 Axis Casualties.


01. In this mission, you will have all your previous units from Mission 03.
If you have been building up your army from the ned of the last mission,
you will save a lot of time preparing for this one. Also, if you already
captured all the points by the end of the last mission, you will have no
sniper problems on the northern part of the town outskirts.

02. Build up your defense on the other side of the bridge, the further side
from the town. The idea here is that the Germans will spawn from the north
part of the map, and they will continuously spawn until a scripted event
where you have to retreat back to the church. In other words, the sooner
we stopgap the invasion, the more they will spawn, and the easier it gets
to reach our quota.

03. For each defense point, have a MG nest built by engineers, one 5.7 mm AT
cannon, and one squad armed with either recoilless or panzershreck. Have
your airbornes build mines, tank traps (if available), barb wires, and
sandbags surrounding the area. Upgrade your engineers with flame throwers
because they can cover your flank if some crazy infantries decide to come
near. Don't go overboard on the defenses because a scripted event will be
bombarding the living daylights out of your defense and you will have to
abandon it eventually.

04. Set up some defenses by the church as well. Man any abandoned AT guns and
MG42s and set them up by the church. The germans will come from three
different directions, so set up accordingly. Basically you should cover
a 180 degree radius in front of the church.

05. Any spare squads that you have, send it up front as a "fire brigade" crew.
That is, if things get too messy for one post, reinforce them while you
replenish the squad and repair the MG emplacements. Ideally the fire
brigade should be located in the center bridge.

06. Hold the line until the artillery strikes the area. Once this happens,
fall back to the other side of the bridge, and try to consolidate your
force by the town hall until the second barrage.

07. By the second barrage, pull everyone back to the church, while replacing
any units that were lost under the barrage. If you have snipers at this
point, station them by the church tower.

08. Hold the line until reinforcements come. Focus on the panzers because they
are the highest threats on the map. Mop up the infantries using MGs. Save
your grenades and use satchel charges to take care of the panzers instead.

09. If you survive up to this point, reinforcements should arrive with several
Shermans and rifle squads. Secure the area by the church, eliminate any
straggling infantries, and finally wipe out the 4 panzers using your
Sherman and infantries. At this point you should have 250 kills easy if
you reach 240 kills by the time the reinforcements arrive.

10. To get the medal, you should reach 80-90% of the quota (230-240 kills) by
the time the reinforcements arrive. Otherwise, chances are you might end
up short since the Germans stop spawning once reinforcements arrive. This
may involve some luck and practice.

Medal Earned: Bronze Star

MISSION 05: Montebourg (Red Ball Express)

Primary Objective: (1) Rescue Dog Company
(2) Secure the Road
(3) Defend Redball Express

Secondary Objective: Destroy Axis Forward Base

Medal Objective: Destroy all of 109th Panzer units (10)


01. To your left is the HQ. Clear the area of any foolish units that dare to
venture to your HQ. After that, proceed forward and rescue Dog Company.

02. Use the Sherman anti-mine flail to lead the way and follow its path so
you don't get blown up.

03. Rescue Dog Company, which should be straightforward here. After rescuing
Dog Company, bring all your units back to the HQ and fortify there.

04. If you venture forward of the Dog Company house or once a "hidden time
limit" expires, there will be a panzer counterattack. This is why we
want everyone back at the HQ to focus the defense.

05. Defend your base using AT guns and Shermans, while having your engineers
fix any damaged tanks. Build 4 rifle squads, replace your halftrack if
you lose it for any reason, 2 AT guns to protect your base, and the rest
should be focused on Shermans. One M8 armored car is also useful if you
purchase the point that allows light vehicles to capture points.

06. Slowly make your way across the map, capturing points and clearing out any
enemy forces you see. Avoid capturing the points on the road for the main
objective because once you secure the road, the convoy will show up and
make life much more difficult. You will have to destroy the German front
base or otherwise they will keep on respawning and retaking all the points
you own.

07. The roads after the intersection have landmines on them, so use your
Anti-mine Sherman or engineers with mine detectors to find the mines.

08. The Axis front base is located on the top right of the map. Use your
Sherman and infantry to take care of the base. Shermans will clean up
any garrisoned buildings, while the infantry can take care the anti-tank
guns the Germans have. Your engineers should be able to use their
demolition ability to bring down the tougher buildings faster.

09. Once you secure the road, clear the mines and be ready for german attacks.
Bring one of your Shermans to the rear and protect the flank of the
convoy. Hurry and secure the road so that the convoy can be on their way.

10. This mission can get very annoying unless you absolutely clear the map
out of german buildings and armor units.

Medal Earned: Distinguished Service Cross

MISSION 06: Cherbourg

Primary Objective: (1) Secure the Town Center.
(2) Destroy the Coastal Guns.
(3) Destroy the Axis HQ.

Secondary Objective: (1) Upgrade a Building into a Barracks.
(2) Eliminate Axis Artillery Lookout (Officer)

Medal Objective: Destroy the Demolition Station (2:00)


01. In case the opening sequence was not obvious enough for you, there is a
sniper at the end of the street, garrisoned in a building. Immediately
enter the building one the left, and upgrade it to a barracks. Have your
other squad grab the bazooka, and go around the corner to the sniper's
blind side. Toss a grenade into the building and it should flush him out.

02. Once you take care of the sniper threat, reinforce your squads and grab
the bazookas lying on the ground. Rifle squads with bazookas are almost
as deadly as the rangers, if not deadlier (since they can use sticky bombs
on top of the bazookas).

03. Assault the town center. This can be done using grenades against the MG42
crews. Once the MG42 is down, the rest of the german troops will fall back
and the area will be secured. Bring in all your units to the center of the
town hall. Use your tanks to run down the barb wires so you can build
there. There is a big open area behind the town hall, so build your
support buildings there, while your barracks, motor pool, triage and
tank depot should be up front (if they fit the front, that is).

04. Slowly build and inch upwards until you reach the coastal gun. Ignore
the fuel point on the corner for now, because that area is guarded by
a panzer from across the channel - it can shoot you, but you cannot shoot
him back. In addition, there is also an axis artillery lookout officer
hiding by the sandbags slightly to the north from the fuel point, right
before the bridge. Easiest way to take him out is to snipe the bastard,
one shot and one kill.

05. Try to focus on getting the rangers early. Once you have access to the
rangers, build 4 squads of rangers and pack them together. You should
have tons of munitions available in this mission, so upgrade them with
Thompson SMGs to increase their effectiveness. 4 squads of rangers can
rip panzers into pieces in less than 15 seconds if you position them
carefully. Bring a halftrack and engineer as backup/support for your
front line troops as you push on forward.

06. Once you reach the coastal guns, breach the door with an engineer, and
wreck the gun inside using your creativity (I used a grenade to get the
job done). Once the coastal gun is destroyed, you will have artillery
support from the warships off the coast. Use it wisely.

07. Move all your units to the one side of the bridge, and hold the bridge
from any axis attempts to counterattack. They will attempt to cross and
assault your position, but they will be sitting ducks in the bridge
because there is no room to escape. In the meanwhile, have your sniper
run across the bridge and scout for the area.

08. From the sniper's view, launch artillery attacks on the german defenses
across the bridge. Snipe their AT crews while maintaining distance and
steatlh. After the area by the bridge is clear, send in the rangers and
shermans across with engineers and halftrack nearby. Let the rangers
capture the points, and have the rifle squads/engineers build OPs.

09. There's a german outpost on the southern end of the map. Pound it good
with artillery, then rush it with rangers and shermans to mop up the
survivors. To the north of the bridge is a German forward motor pool which
if you capture it, you can build tanks from that building. Up further
northwest is a demolition station. The demolition station is the medal
objective, and you only have 2 minutes to destroy the structure. The
fastest way to drop this building is to rush it with two shermans while
raining it down artillery fire on the building. The barrage should take
out most of the defenses, if not the building itself. Rush with the
shermans, and have the rangers come in for support. After destroying the
building, clean up the rest of the area with your rangers and shermans.

10. To the northeast is the axis HQ. Slowly make your way there, and using
the sniper as your scout, rain down more artillery barrage to the area,
and the HQ will be down in no time at all. Mission accomplished.

Medal Earned: Soldier's Medal

MISSION 07: Sottevast

Primary Objective: (1) Wire the missile with demolitions.

Secondary Objective: (1) Secure the Base Entrance
(2) Wire the Oxygen tanks with demolitions.

Medal Objective: Eliminate the Base Commander.


01. Begin by reinforcing all your airborne squads and upgrading 2 recoilless
guns. Drop another airborne squad. Charge the German position, and take
over the AA gun before the Germans do (move faster using the fire-up
ability) and wipe out any MG crews you see. Comandeer an MG42 and point
them toward the base entrance. Stay clear out of the tower's MG range.

02. Use a satchel charge to blow up the wall (either wall is fine). If you
have enough munitions for a satchel charge, fire up a squad and blow
up one of the towers and get away from the MG fire. The second tower
will be easier because you can just fire up two squads with bazookas
and bring it down relatively fast. Once that is done, secure the base
entrance and build a OP on it. Leave your MG squad there.

03. Have three airborne squads ready, and assault the AA gun to the right
of the entrance, the one nearby a munitions point. My personal tactics
is to run up to the AA gun and toss in a grenade or two, then wipe out
the rest of the defenses. Capture the point, and build an OP on the post.

04. Once that's done, swing to the left of the base entrance and clear up
the AA guns, towers, and any unlucky Germans on your path. I find it that
if you comandeer an AA gun that has ben cleared, life can get easier in
some cases. Otherwise you need to set up MG squads to guard the points.
Get the AT gun airdrop ability ASAP, and supply drops are good to have to.
Air strafing is not as useful here until you disabled all the AA guns, so
save that for later. For your defense, it is wise to push on forward and
abandon AA guns as you can always comandeer another one that is more front
of the line.

05. At one point you will encounter oxygen tanks that needs to be demolished.
Ignore them for now, and concentrate on taking out the AA guns at the left
corner of the base. Watch for a panzer hiding behind one of the buildings.
Take them out, and run up to the roof. There should be stairs on the side
of the silo.

06. The base commander is sitting in his office. Give him a nasty surpise
with a bag of satchel, and watch him make his getaway. If he survives
and escapes with his life, let him be. Deal with the sniper instead.
Take out the AA gun on the roof, and any infantries guarding the roof.
Capture the point, and build a OP over there as well.

07. By this time your reinforcements should start coming in. Send in your
Sherman and a squad of Airborne (if you have one to spare) to the central
AA gun situated by the construction site. Have the Sherman lead the way
and take out the AA gun. An ostwind sits nearby, take it out with your
Sherman. There is a mortar crew nearby, take them out with your Airborne

08. Save your game before attempting to wire the Oxygen tank. The game has a
bug where if your original squad gets wasted while wiring up the tanks,
subsequent squads will not be able to finish the job. Wire the tanks,
and blow it all the way back to stone age.

09. Now to capture the rest of the base. Push on to the right, going around
counter clockwise all the way to the silo. Have your tanks lead the charge
and let them deal with the towers. Your airbornes should follow close in
case there are panzers and anti-tank guns that need schooling. Engineers
and half-tracks should tag along from behind, fixing and reinforcing
anyone lost in the slugging match.

10. There will be several panzers and massive amounts of infantry entrenched
by the missile door. If you have the air strafing ability, chew up the
infantries using this power. Lure the panzers with your sherman so that
your Airbornes can ambush them. Do not hesitate to retreat if things get
too ugly. Once the dust settles down, wire up the missile and press the
button once all is done. Mission Accomplished.

P.S.: Before you press the button, make sure the Base Commander is deader than
Elvis (as Sam Fisher puts it in Chaos Theory) to get the medal you
deserve for this all hard work.

Medal Earned: Air Medal

MISSION 08: St. Fromond

Primary Objective: (1) Repair the Bridge
(2) Capture the Town Center
(3) Hold the Town Center

Secondary Objective: (1) Destroy the Axis Rockets (Nebelwerfers)

Medal Objective: Destroy Axis HQ.


01. This mission is not that tough to complete, but can be really tricky if
you want to win the medal. Build your base and train a sniper so he can
scout out the area across the bridge. You can either use the starting
mortar crew, or use the caliope sherman to take care the AA guns and the
MG crew across the bridge. Capture the point using your rifle squad and
build an OP. Once the area is secure, send in an engineer crew to fix
things up, including the bridge. Cover your engineers with your sniper and

02. Once the bridge is up, consolidate your troops to behind the bridge area.
Whatever you do, if you want the medal, you do not capture the town center
for any reason. You can, but things will get really messy.

03. Instead, Go left and split your army into two. The smaller force should
hang by the bridge (don't go across). This one should compose of at least
one AT gun and one MG squad.

04. Proceed slowly to the left, capturing all the points across. Enemy
resistance should be minimal, but do be careful about the occasional
panzer patrols. Drop some Airborne squads and upgrade them with bazookas.
Try to minimize consumption of munition up this point (Don't use satchels
unless you really have to).

05. The northernmost area is actually an Axis HQ. This is the medal objective.
Here is the reason why I'm flanking left instead of attacking straight
through: once you capture the town center, any uncaptured areas will be
sprawling with spawned german units. And on top of that, the three german
rocket crews will be dispersed across the map (One by the graveyard, one
by the HQ, and one on the right side of the map). If you capture the
graveyard area before they spawn, the graveyard rocket will deploy by the
Axis HQ, making it easier to take out two rockets that are next to each

06. The Axis HQ is heavily defended. Taking out the defenses will take far too
much casualties and effort, which is not possible when your other army
is guarding the town center and being bombarded and assaulted into pieces.
The Axis HQ takes roughly 3 caliope rocket barrages to go down, and each
of the rocket emplacements take roughly one barrage to dispose of. Plus,
the main street is covered with 88 guns and AT guns, and those suicidal
rocket droids go along the road as well. These bots dish out a whole lot
of hurt, so avoid them or shoot them before they get too close.

07. While you are taking out the axis HQ, reinforce the area by the town
center. This area will be constantly bombarded with rockets until you take
out all three rocket launchers, so you want to minimize the concentration
of troops here. Building an OP would be moot because it is too risky and
it gets destroyed far too easily. Instead, have an MG squad (or two, if
you happen to have a spare one) cover the point so any foolish german
squads attempting to capture it will die in a hail of bullets. Have an
AT tank to deal with the armored units, and pay attention to the road as
any goliaths (suicidal tank bots) will come from there. Setting up a
forward barracks in this area also helps a lot. If you can reinforce
with Shermans at this point, do so because they can take a lot of
punishment. Send your Sherman up to assist your other army when things
are not so hectic on the town center.

08. Assuming you took out the Axis HQ, sweep down and go right to take care
of the last rocket emplacement. Once you take care of these threats, link
your army together. At this point the mission should be relatively easier
to do.

09. The point immediately left of the town center will be a hotly contested
point. Build up some defenses early on and try to maintain control of that
point for as long as possible, because that point links up with the rest
of your other points.

10. The rightmost nebelwerfers can easily be rushed by a lone sherman. Rush
the sherman, and once it's destroyed, pull it back for repairs. Once
all the other objectives are achieved, return to the forward area with
your airbornes and sherman support to take out any axis production
buildings. Satchel charges will do the trick here. Caliope sherman
barrages don't hurt either.

Medal Earned: Bronze Star

MISSION 09: Hill 192

Primary Objective: Capture Hill 192.

Secondary Objective: Destroy the Artillery Post.

Medal Objective: Capture the Hill under 50 minutes


01. This mission can get particularly hard if you want to get the medal.
First order of business is to take the point on the right of your base,
and fortify it with a MG squad and AT gun.

02. Bring a pair of rifle squad to the left field, but lead it with sniper
and a Sherman (either regular or croc is fine). Eliminate the bunker and
any infantries, then hurry and capture the point.

03. Capture the rest of the points in this area, carefully scouting the area
with a sniper first. Use the tanks on MG squads, and capture the points
with infantry. You need a lot of fuel and ammo to build up your army,
and you need to minimize losses so you can save resources to focus on
building your army.

04. Beware of snipers on the other side of the hedgegrows on the left side
of the map. Use your tanks to clean them out.Keep racking up xp points
so you can start building howitzers.

05. Build Shermans, and get the howitzer ASAP. You can get the rangers later
once you are howitzer capable. Secure the points to the left of your base,
and start advancing upwards.

06. At one point you will encounter a scripted event, in which the game
reveals the german artillery outpost. Use your artillery special power
right before the fog of war covers the area again - you should be able
to destroy this in one shot.

07. In the relatively middle right of the map, you will see a checkpoint
(the small town during the briefing), which has bunch of exploding oil
drums around it. Blow up the oil drums, and take care of the German
defenses over there. There should be an 88 gun you can comandeer to help
with the defense.

08. Once the area is secure, send your engineers there and build two howitzers
if your resources allow for it. Make sure to leave some room for the
howitzers in your population limit. Once you have your howitzers ready,
scroll up to the hill and pound away. keep pounding and try to penetrate
the hill from the bottom while minimizing losses. Send your sniper in
to reveal the area while your shelling so you can maximize the damage.
Destroy all things that pose big threats to your tanks (AT guns, bunkers,
panzers, etc). That way you can rush your tanks in and eliminate the

09. At this point you should have the ability to build rangers - build 3
squads of rangers and a halftrack. Move them forward while avoiding
German artillery barrage. It would be ideal if you can time the rangers
assault with the tank rush. At this point rush all your infantries into
the hill.

10. Your goal now is to capture the point at all costs. Expect 80% casualty
rate at least, because unless you shell the living bejeezus out of the
hill, the defense is way too strong. The mission ends once you control
the hill. In my case I managed to take over the hill in 33 minutes after
3 attempts of playing the mission.

Medal Earned: Soldier's Medal

MISSION 10: St. Lô

Primary Objective: (1) Surround the Axis HQ (7 points)

Secondary Objective: (1) Take out the Nebelwerfer

Medal Objective: Upgrade a Ranger Squad to level 3 veterancy


01. This mission begins with your starting point being bombarded by German
Nebelwerfers. Evacuate all of your units out of the firing range, and
build your barracks ASAP and build some engineers. Have the engineers
build your base. A sniper is really handy in taking out the nebelwerfer
crews, so build one or two.

02. Build a barracks and get the BAR upgrade for your rifle squads. Clear out
the buildings by the nebelwerfers from snipers, so that your sniper can
do his worko safely. The easiest way to clear out snipers at this point
is to have two rifle squads charging at the building and toss some
grenades to the windows. Use your sniper and carefully snipe the crews,
while avoiding MG fire. Once the nebelwerfers are silent, reinforcements
should arrive.

03. 2 squads of rangers, a crooodile sherman, and a jeep will come in as
reinforcements. Frankly, I'd sacrifice the jeeps as they're using up
population resources. Also sacrifice your rifle squads, but safe one
squad for capturing points and building OPs. Your ranger squads should
do most of the heavy work here, because you want to move them up in ranks
til one of them reaches level 3 for the medal.

04. Have your engineers build defenses by each points and by your HQ area,
because there will be some grenadiers with panzershrecks harassing
behind your lines every now and then. Some panzers will also try to
take over your points, which is why you should build a sherman or two
for quick response units.

05. There are tons of AT guns and snipers in this map, so your sniper is
priceless in this misison. Have him scout the area ahead, sniping heavy
weapon crews, among the things he should do. Meanwhile your rangers should
be clearing out buildings with their grenades, and clear infantries until
you get your medal. Have a halftrack nearby to reinforce your rangers,
because they will have massive casualties.

06. Once you have the capability to build a howitzer, build it in a location
somewhere in the center of the map, so ideally you can reach nearly any
point in the map. Have a sherman guard the howitzer because it will be
a prime target for enemy units.

07. There is a quick way to beat this mission instead of capturing all the
7 points. If you can find the Axis HQ and level it to rubble, you will
also win the game. The Axis HQ is essentially a big, giant building (I
believe it is a 4 to 5 story building, with 6 to 8 windows across) located
somewhere in the center of the map. If you pay attention in the briefing,
you should have a good idea where it is situated.

08. Use your sniper to scout for the building, and use your howitzers and
artillery call to level the building. You'll know that it is the right
building when there are literally tons of units garrisoned in there, and
your sniper gets automatically detected when it ventures around that
building. Level the building and mission accomplished.

09. Alternatively, you can just surround the Axis HQ by capturing all of the
seven points. To do this, howitzer each of the uncaptured points using
your sniper as the spotter. Use your rangers and crocodile sherman to
clear out the buildings. Panzers are breakfast for your veteran rangers,
and your rifle squad should help out with sticky bombs. Just keep your
halftrack and engineer safe in the back, and you should be able to push
forward slowly.

10. Make sure you build MG emplacements on each point so when the enemy
attempts to retake the points, they will have to deal with the MGs first
and give you enough time to bring your army back to eliminate them. A
elite sniper can run back and forth relatively fast, so have him run
back to the contested point and snipe some of the bad guys. Usually they
will break line and retreat. After you capture all the point, the mission
will be over.

Medal Earned: Army Ranger Badge

MISSION 11: Hébécrevon

Primary Objective: Destroy the Lehr Panthers (7 total)

Secondary Objective:

Medal Objective: Minimize Allied Tank Casualties (No more than 5)


01. This mission can get tricky because the enemy will constantly harass your
base with armors and infantries. However, we have a loophole that we can
abuse. Infantry and AT gun losses aren't tanks, so use them for nearly

02. Capture the point to the left of your HQ, and build a decent defense in
this area. Build several AT guns, a halftrack, and 4 rifle squads. The
rest should be focused on shermans and an extra wolverine (if you still
have some space left). 2 wolverines flanking a panther is a really quick
and no-contest battle. Additionaly, 4 sticky bombs on a panther usually
spells doom for that panther anyhow. Somehow if you plant the sticky bombs
from the rear of panzers, usually they have a good chance of disabling or
destroying the tank's engine. Keep this in mind.

03. Use your sniper to scout for the area by the points. There are tons of
german armors in this map, so proceed with extreme caution. MG and mortar
crews are fairly useless in this mission, so use MG emplacements as
defensive measure instead. Leave one sherman, 2 AT guns and an engineer
as your mobild base defense. The rest of your army should go out and
hunt for the panthers.

04. Capturing the points would actually shrink the panther's area of
operation, meaning that they will get detected much more easily when
you have OPs for them to attack. When they do, sneak up on them and
pound them from behind.

05. Use caution when attacking. Once you build up your army, it is only a
matter of patience and luring the panzers to the open to destroy them
without losing too much units. Whatever you do, do not rush in blindly
because there are a lot of garrisoned buildings and AT guns hiding
around corners.

06. Build forward barracks when possible, because that way you can pump out
AT guns and rifle squads from the front lines instead all the way back
from your base.

Medal Earned: Distinguished Service Medal

MISSION 12: Mortain

Primary Objective: Hold Hill 317.

Secondary Objective: Defend Mortain.

Medal Objective: Rescue the Ranger Company


01. Begin by building up your defenses around the hill. Send two veteran
rifle squads up north (once you get the BAR upgrade, which should be
the first thing you should do here) to find the trapped rangers. Rescue
the rangers and the medal will be yours.

02. Capture as many points as possible with your spare infantries. I think
you have a good 5 minutes of grace period before things get messy. Build
tank traps around Mortain and one MG emplacement behind the point. This
should be more than enough for Mortain's defense. Additionally it is
relatively close to your main HQ, so you should station a squad for
reinforcement purposes.

03. Surround the hill with tank traps and MG emplacement covering the critical
entrances to the hill (there should be at least 3 to 4 emplacements total
that you should build). Crew your AT guns, and send in the MGs to the
points by the medic tents. You may want to garrison them on buildings
on some of the points to make them last longer, but that is optional.

04. The germans will start attacking after a cutscene. They will come from
the right side of the map, spawning from top and bottom parts of the right
side of the map. These points should be reinforced with MG emplacements
and at least one AT gun. Build a halftrack from the motorpool and use it
as your quick response anti-infantry unit, as well as reinforcing any
hot spots in the battlefield.

05. Every now and then German artillery will pound the hill. Watch for the
flare drops and evacuate the area temporarily, and return to your
defensive positions once the barrage has ceased. Replace any lost units
and watch for the occasional snipers coming in with the german assault

06. Halfway through the mission, a howitzer will be available for you. Hotkey
the howitzer, and defend the howitzer with at least a rifle squad. The
howitzer is such a dangerous threat to the AI such that it may focus the
attack on the howitzer. But if you build tank traps and your defense is
well set up, it should not be a problem.

07. In the event that Mortain's defense gets decimated, fire howitzers down at
the enemy's position attempting to capture the point, while sending in
the stand-by rifle squad by your HQ to clean up the rest.

08. Your HQ will also get attacked every now and then. Have your engineers
build sufficient defense on your HQ, and if you can afford it, The rescued
rangers can be of some use defending the HQ if the situation calls for it.

09. Pick up any dropped panzershrecks for your rifle squads, because they will
massively benefit from the extra firepower.

10. For the most part, the enemy attacks in waves, so as long as you can hold
their assaults without losing too much units in a wave, you should survive
the mission in a relatively good shape. However, if things do get messy on
the front end, don't hesitate to abandon the points and focus all of your
units in the center of the hill. Although if this is the case, be careful
for german artillery fire. You only need to hold the hill for 30 minutes,
so it shouldn't be that hard. In fact, if your defense is strong enough,
the axis would start retreating by the last minute of the misison.

Medal Earned: Army Expert Badge

MISSION 13: Mortain Counterattack

Primary Objective: (1) Capture and hold 3 victory Points

Secondary Objective: (1) Destroy the 88 gun emplacements.

Medal Objective: Win with more than 250 points.


01. At the start of the mission, you will have all your previous units that
survived from last mission and several reinforcements. Using your
engineer, hurry and build up the defenses around the hill. This is the
first mission where you can choose your command powers. I used airborne
and infantry commands in the past, and both work equally well, depending
on your strategy.

02. To the corners of the right side of the map are two german bases, and
in the center is the 88 battery emplacement, a few yards short of your
howitzer. Darn it. If you're on the airborne path, just scout the area
and strafe the batteries. Alternatively, if you're on the infantry path,
scout the area with a rifle squad and rain down the artillery barrage.
A more novel way is to send in an airborne or a ranger squad and literally
run in circles surrounding the gun while tossing grenades like a mad
chicken. If you hide behind one of the guns, the others will try to shoot
and destroy its own gun by accident. Anyway you deal with it, do it fast
before the rest of your army on the hill becomes hamburger.

03. While you silence the 88 guns, capture the lower point first, using a
rifle squad and backed up by a Sherman. There is an 88 gun to the right
guarding this point, so take it out first before it rips apart your
Sherman. A grenade and close infantry charge will dislodge any crews
sitting there. Capture the point, and send your engineers to build
an MG emplacement to guard the position.

04. The next job is to take the point to the right of the base. This one can
get tricky because it is along the path where the Germans come in for the
assault. Bring some backup, but for the most part a lone rifle squad,
ranger or airborne will be sufficient to capture and guard the area, even
though having engineers build MG emplacements later doesn't hurt at all.

05. Use your howitzer to bombard the final point to dislodge any silly
German troops camping there. Send in 2 squads of infantry there to capture
the victory point. Watch for Ostwinds because they can rip apart your
squad to pieces fast. Use sticky bombs to deal with these annoying armors.

06. Now if you notice on top, there is a bar with points counting down to zero
with stars in between them. This is basically the victory bar, which
should be familiar to those who play skirmish games. Otherwise, the idea
is that as you capture more victory points, the other team's meter will
decrease at a faster rate, with the maximum when you capture all the
victory points on the map.

07. If you have equal points under your possession relative to the enemy, then
both meters will not decrease. Anyone that controls less points will lose
victory points. In order to get the medal, you should not by any
circumstances control less than 2 points at any given moment. This is
actually easier than it sounds. In fact, once you capture all 4 points,
the germans suddenly lose the initiative to launch large assaults.

08. Unlike the previous mission, the predominant force attacking the hill
will be armored vehicles, so AT guns must be present and guard the 3
different directions. Station your wolverine on the hill for better
protection. Upgrade your engineers with flamethrowers to deal with any
infantries tagging along with the armored assault.

09. Once you capture all 4 points, just focus on defending the points and
before you know it, the mission will be over.

Medal Earned: Silver Star

MISSION 14: Autry

Primary Objective: Destroy the Tiger Ace.

Secondary Objective: None

Medal Objective: Destroy 20 Axis Vehicles.


01. For this mission, I choose the vehicle command so that I can build
the Pershing heavy tanks. These guys can practically go toe to toe with
a tiger, but definitely not with the ace.

02. Build up your base, and send your rifle squads across the field to the
right and capture the fuel point here. Bring along your pershing for
heavy fire support. Leave your sherman back at the base, and build an
AT gun to help out the sherman in case the Ace decides to rear its ugly
fact on your base.

03. Capture the fuel point, and build a forward barracks here. Send one
AT tank to this point, and have your engineer build an MG emplacement in
this area.

04. Build a halftrack, and further complete your base. Also train a sniper
for scouting purposes. The next point we need to capture is the munition
point right next to your base. This area is heavily defended, and the
tiger ace will start moving on to your position once you assault this
point. In other words, get ready for some serious firefight. Your rifle
squads should take care the infantry carrying panzershrecks, and in
return they should grab those bazookas ASAP. 3 rifle squads equipped with
the bazooka, as I mentioned in the previous missions, kick a whole lot
of panzer ass in this game.

05. In order to get the medal, you need to destroy 20 axis vehicles. With two
pershings roaming around, it is not even that hard. What is hard is to
keep the ace alive long enough while you go around and hunt for axis
vehicles to wreck. To do this, have a pershing go bait the ace's heavy
fire, while having two or three engineer squads nearby to fix and keep
it alive. And by the way, you don't want to lose your only pershing until
you can replace it. Otherwise there is no other unit that can take that
kind of punishment from the tiger ace. The ace usually retreats after
a certain amount of time, or if it damaged bad enough (10-15% is usually
enough to make it retreat).

06. The points in this mission are usually heavily defended by the Germans.
So the tactics to take out the points are somewhat straightforward and
the same for most of them: Pershing lead the way, supported by rifle
squads and sherman towing in the back, with engineers keeping the
Pershing alive. Rotate the pershing to the back if it's halfway damaged.

07. Keep in mind that the AI is extremely sloppy with friendly units in front
of them. So if you have panzers lining on each other, manuever your tank
so that one of the panzers is between the attacking panzer and your tank.
That way you only take one shot, while the other panzer with the blocked
path will end up hurting his own friend's tank.

08. Once you have two pershings at hand, you can get away with rushing them
both forward, wreck havoc, and pull them back to your safe area so your
engineers can work on them. Have them wreak havoc on the infantries and
the light armored vehicles. Pull them back when they're getting pounded
by AT guns and once the ace approaches your position.

09. Take out 20 vehicles, and take out the tiger ace. You will earn the medal
if your 20th kill is the ace, but there will be more than 20 vehicles to
drop in this mission. If you recall the retreat path from the briefing,
there will be trucks and german halftracks moving down that path which
are easy pickings for the pershings.

Medal Earned: Legion of Merit

MISSION 15: Chambois

Primary Objective: (1) Close the Falaise Line between the two Allied HQs
(2) Repel the Axis Counterattack.

Secondary Objective: Capture all the Bridges.

Medal Objective: Inflict 300 casualties on the Axis.


01. Start by building a Sherman tank and upgrading the BAR rifle for your

02. Get your snipers to scout the area. The first bridge has a motorcycle
unit, so don't get your sniper to wander in its range.

03. Make sure you capture the high ammo point adjacent to the base. Ammo in
this mission is crucial, so make sure you always have at least +40 ammo to
make your life easier.

04. I personally used Airborne in this misison. My main strategy with Airborne
is basically to drop three squads of Airborne, get the recoiless upgrade,
and shred any tanks that come by with it. I also abuse the supply drops
from time to time. Alternatively, infantry path is good too because
rangers supported by halftrack can raise a lot of hell to the convoys, but
it takes longer to field the rangers on the ground.

05. To inflict the maximum casualties for the Axis, pay attention on the axis
convoy patterns. Then proceed with an upgraded Halftrack, your starting
wolverine, and your sherman. Bring along infantries to support the heavy
vehicles. Also have an engineer to tag along with your heavy vehicles to
fix them in between attacks. Rinse and repeat for most of the convoys. Do
not worry about the upper half of the map because unless you slowly clean
out the axis defenses, it would be suicidal for your heavy vehicles to
venture north.

06. Gradually capture the bridge, slowly sweeping from bottom to top. The
Germans will keep on retreating until you close the line at least once.
In other words, if you want to earn the Medal of Honor in this mission,
keep the line open until you've reached a good 80-90% of your quota.
The AI allies will capture the points on their own, so keep an eye on them
as well.

07. A general strategy is to have 2 squads of rifle infantry to capture the
points and bridges, while leave your rangers with the rest of your tanks/
halftrack to intercept the convoys. If your rifles get pinned our get into
messy situations, call them off and bring one of your shermans to the
rescue. You should have build two shermans by now, so they can take turns
in getting pounded.

08. If you have spare ammo, take your sniper to the top left area and conduct
a bombing run on the axis base. Do this after you reach a good 60% of your
quota so you don't run out of bad guys to shoot if you're gunning for the

09. Keep an eye for red flares, because that would be axis artillery barrage.
If you see them on the ground, get clear ASAP, unless you want to see
allied chop suey served on your lap.

10. After you close the pocket, you will return to the map screen. The next
objective is to defend against the axis final counterattack. There gonna
be tons of panzers raining down on your ass, so consolidate your surviving
forces and deal with them one by one. But if you happen to make them bunch
up together, send in the bombers to take care of them in one fell swoop.
Once the panzers are toast, mission accomplished.

Medal Earned: Medal of Honor



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Turok - FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0

Authored by: Berserker
Email: berserker_kev(at)yahoo.com
Homepage: http://www.berserkersblog.blogspot.com
Xbox LIVE Gamertag: Berserker Kev
PlayStation Network username: Berserker_Kev
This document Copyright 2008 Kevin Hall (Berserker)
Turok Copyright 2008 Touchstone.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S - -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

I. Introduction

II. Basics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [BS00]

- Combat Ops . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [BS01]
- Weapons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [BS02]

III. Walkthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [WT00]

- Chapter 01 - Prelude . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH01]
- Chapter 02 - The Lost Land . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH02]
- Chapter 03 - Bad Blood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH03]
- Chapter 04 - Death Valley . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH04]
- Chapter 05 - Reunions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH05]
- Chapter 06 - Ghost in the Shadow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH06]
- Chapter 07 - Mother Superior . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH07]
- Chapter 08 - Killing Fields . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH08]
- Chapter 09 - The Shortest Straw . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH09]
- Chapter 10 - Down and Out . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH10]
- Chapter 11 - Heroes End . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH11]
- Chapter 12 - Salt in a Wound . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH12]
- Chapter 13 - End of the Road . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH13]
- Chapter 14 - Into the Breach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH14]
- Chapter 15 - An Eye for an Eye . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH15]

IV. Everything Else . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [EE00]

- Copyright . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CO00]
- Special Thanks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [ST00]
- Version History . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [VH00]
- Contact Info . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CI00]
- About Me . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [AM00]
- Cheat Happens Featured Guides . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CH00]

___ _
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| | | '_ \ | __|| '__|/ _ \
| | | | | || |_ | | | (_) |
|___||_| |_| \__||__\ \___/

In another time period separate from that of Tal Set, another Turok is born.
In this adventure, the player takes on the role of Joseph Turok. As a former
member of Wolf Pack, Turok joins Whiskey Company as they journey to a primitive
planet while on a search for Kane and his Wolf Pack army. Before long Turok is
forced out of the Whiskey Company ship and must join his comrades in a fight
for survival in a lost land full of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.
Turok has a history with Kane that he wants to settle and if he must settle the
score on this new primitive planet then so be it.

This guide will provide you with some techniques to get you started along with
a full weapon description and it also has a full walkthrough of the campaign
mode of the game from a Hard mode perspective. Please enjoy the guide and
email me if you have any questions.

____ /\
| __ ) __ _ ___ \/ ___ ___
| _ \ / _` |/ __|| | / __|/ __|
| |_) || (_| |\__ \| || (__ \__ \
|____/ \__,_||___/|_| \___||___/


Default Control Setup

A - Jump
X - Reload/Hold down to pick up weapon (left hand)
Y - Crouch/Hold down to pick up weapon (right hand)
B - Action
LT - Zoom (with single weapon)/Fire weapon (left hand)
LB - Throw grenade (single weapon)/Secondary fire (dual
RT - Fire weapon (right hand)
RB - Secondary Fire (right hand)
Left Analog - Move
Left Analog (push) - Display objective
Right Analog - Move Camera
Right Analog (push) - N/A
Start - Display pause menu
Back - Pull up multiplayer stats (online)
D-pad Up - Switch to bow (campaign only)
D-pad Down - Switch to knife
D-pad Left - Switch to left hand weapon
D-pad Right - Switch to right hand weapon
D-pad Left (double tap) - dual wield
D-pad Right (double tap) - dual wield

Climbing Ladders

Approach a ladder then tap the B (or O button) to cling onto the ladder then
hold up to ascend it or down to descend it. While climbing ladders, your
character is completely open to gunfire during the entire ladder climbing
animation so be careful about climbing them when enemies are around.

Prying Doors

Approach a closed door and wait for a B (or O) button icon. Tap the button to
have Turok put his hands in between the door and lift it open with his mighty
strength. Many times Turok will be called to pry a door open while with a
group. The lazy bastards...

While prying a door open, Turok is left completely wide open to an attack so
make sure that there are no enemies behind Turok while opening a nearby door.

Using Turrets

Approach a machine gun or rocket launcher turret and hold down on the B button
in order to use the turret. Hold down the B button again to step away from the

Damage Arrow

Whenever Turok is hit, a red arrow will appear on the screen and point in the
direction that the hit was received from. Use this arrow to help find your
attacker. This is especially useful when Turok is thrown off balance.

Dinosaur Maul

When a dinosaur leaps at Turok and tries to crunch down on him with its teeth,
tap the onscreen button(s) or directions to escape the mauling and throw the
dino off (or possibly instantly kill him)


While holding to the either the right or left tap the jump button to make Turok
perform a jumping sidestep to that side. This can be useful for dodging a
raptor's jumping attack and it can help out for dodging gunfire - especially
grenades or sniper shots.

Primary Fire and Secondary Fire

Each weapon in the game has primary fire and a secondary fire that can be used
by tapping either the RT or LT (or R2 and L2) for the primary fire or the RB
and LB (or R1 and L1) for the secondary fire. The button tapped depends on
which hand your character has the gun equipped to.


Hold LT (or L2) while aiming with a single weapon to zoom in a bit for a more
accurate shot.

Viewing Objectives

A new objective will automatically appear on the left side of the screen each
time it is first issued. Press the LS (or L3 button) to view a current
objective once again at any time during gameplay.


All descriptions are based on the campaign mode. Multiplayer "Shots per clip"
and "Max Ammo" stats are different.

ORO FG8 Grenade

Max Ammo = 3

Grenades are a good way to take out multiple enemies that are at a distance.
Turok throws grenade a little further than one might expect so make sure that
your enemies are far enough away before chugging one them. The grenades will
make a slight beeping noise before detonating. These grenades can be thrown at
an angle toward a wall in order to make them land closer to an area near you,
just make sure to dive out of the way as you hear the beep if it is close.

ORO P23 Combat Knife

Primary = Instant Kill animation (when close)
Secondary = Horizontal Slash

The knife is easily one of the best weapons in Turok's arsenal because of its
instant kill stabbing. Get up close to your enemy and watch for the trigger
button icon then press the button to begin an instant kill stab animation.

Nearly every enemy in this game can be stabbed at some point with the knife.
Here are some special cases:

Dilophosaur - Knock them down then run up to their stomach to get the instant
kill icon while the knife is equipped.

Scorpion - Make them turn over with attacks (explosions) then run up to their
bottom portion to get the instant kill icon while the knife is equipped.

MAJOR TIP: Equipping the combat knife will also allow Turok to move faster
since the knife weighs less than any other weapon. Be sure to remember this
while playing the main game and especially while playing online.

ORO C9 Perforator compound Bow

Primary = Normal Arrows
Secondary = Tek arrows (Explosive Arrows)

Shots per clip = N/A
Max Ammo = 50 (normal); 10 (Tek)

The bow is a very unique weapon once some time has been spent learning how to
use it effectively. Tap the trigger button to have your character pull back on
the bow and prepare to fire. The controller will shake along with the
character's arm and the bow will be fired once the trigger has been held down
for a certain period of time.

Instantly letting go of the trigger button will shoot the bow and gently
letting go of the trigger will cause your character to cancel the shot. Learn
to hold the trigger button down gently to prepare a shot and hold it loosely
without having to worry about your character's hand shaking.

The bow's arrows can travel a great distance depending on how long the shot is
charged. A more charged shot will also take more damage. Against human
enemies, a fully powered arrow is an instant kill regardless of armor. The bow
is also a good means of stealth since the shot is silent. A bow used along
with a knife is the best means of stealth for the single player game.

Human enemies may be pinned to objects such as trees or crates with a fully
powered bow shot. This is mainly used for eye candy purposes but pinning an
enemy to the wall will instantly kill that enemy.

ORO HOG 9mm Handgun

Dual Wield = Yes

Primary = Single Fire
Secondary = Burst Fire

Shots per clip = 15
Max Ammo =

The handgun fires a single precise shot in the direction pointed without any
recoil. The secondary fire allows for a three shot burst fire.

One might think that the handgun is inferior to the rest of the arsenal
available in the game but the handgun's precise shot with no recoil can be used
to gain an easy headshot. The burst fire allows the handgun to take some
moderate damage with each button tap.


Dual Wield = Yes

Primary = Rapid Fire
Secondary = Equip Silencer

Shots per clip = 45
Max Ammo = 300

The SMG provides rapid fire with its normal shot with an optional silencer that
can be fitted to the gun and allow for silent rapid fire kills. This weapon
takes moderate damage but can be dual wielded to spam damage on any one enemy.
The main thing that makes this weapon stand out from the Pulse Rifle is that
there is no overheating involved, just a need to reload.

ORO Enforcer Shotgun

Dual Wield = Yes

Primary = Normal Shot
Secondary = Flare Shot

Shots per clip = 10
Max Ammo = 50

The shotgun takes some heavy damage from a close enemy but it is very weak from
a distance. This weapon can be dual wielded for some extreme damage on close
enemies. The weapon packs quite a punch and your aiming will suffer from the
recoil, so it can be hard to control the cursor at times.

The secondary fire allows for the shotgun to shoot a flare that will attract
dinosaurs and scare away bugs. These flares can be shot at enemies to make
dinosaurs attack them or the flares can be used to keep surrounding dinos

ESUS Fireblade Flame Thrower

Dual Wield = No

Primary = Flame Shot
Secondary = Flame Bomb

Shots per clip = 450
Max Ammo = 1200

The Flamethrower's normal shot shoots a spray of fire that will set any enemy
on fire and continue to take damage as the enemy burns. The flamethrower
covers close and mid-distance with its spray and fire spray is quite damaging.
The secondary fire shoots a ball of flame that will explode much like a grenade
only the explosion will occur upon contact. The main flaws with this weapon
are that it eats through ammo rather quickly and it is useless at a long

ORO L66 Pulse Rifle

Dual Wield = No

Primary = Rapid Fire
Secondary = Disruption grenade

Shots per clip = 100 (rifle); 3 (grenade)
Max Ammo = 400 (rifle); 12 (grenade)

The Pulse Rifle is a rapid fire weapon similar to the SMG, but it can hold more
bullets and has a wider range of fire. For its secondary weapon fire, it will
shoot a disruption grenade that will explode after a few seconds. Disruption
grenades can be helpful for forcing an enemy out of hiding.

The main flaw with the Pulse Rifle is the fact that it can overheat rather
quickly from several shots in a row. While overheated, your character will
fling his arms and try to cool down the weapon as it jams. Another weapon may
not be switched to during the overheating animation so your character will be
momentarily open to any type of attack. Make sure to limit shots by not firing
several times in a row - simply tap the button at times instead of holding down
on the trigger to avoid overheating.

ORO War Horse Mini-gun

Dual Wield = No

Primary = Rapid Fire
Secondary = Mini turret

Shots per clip = 250
Max Ammo = 1000

The mini-gun requires a bit of startup time for the front portion to spin but
once this gun gets to firing it will not stop for quite a while until the
player lets go of the firing button or it needs to be reloaded. This weapon
carries a vast amount (a real surplus) of ammo per clip, so you do not have to
reload it that much at all. To tell when it is about to run out of ammo,
listen for the beeping noise it will make and watch for the light on the side
of the mini-gun to turn red.

Holding down the LT (or L2) button will cause the front portion to spin, which
can help the mini-gun to fire instantly once a target is found. It is a good
idea to spin the front portion if a possible enemy is up ahead.

The mini-gun will cause your character to move much slower while equipped when
compared to the other weapons but the sheer amount of firepower that you
command is quite a site to behold. This weapon will tear through a whole group
of enemies and still have enough ammo to take on another. Basically, if you
can't hit a target with any of your other weapons then take out the mini-gun
and fire then you will have several more shots at your command to try again.

The secondary fire allows your character to place the mini-gun on the ground to
form a mini turret. The turret will survey the surrounding in front of it and
fire at any enemy that is not you or an ally. The only way that an enemy can
stop the turret is to get behind it and pick it up (in multiplayer) or shoot it
enough times to knock it down. Be forewarned that the turret fire will hurt
your character and any allies if the turret fires at an enemy and you or any
ally just happens to be in the way.

TRIGLAV 92 Stalker (T92) Sniper Rifle

Dual Wield = No

Primary = Normal Fire
Secondary = Scope Zoom (while using normal zoom with L trigger)

Shots per clip = 5
Max Ammo = 30

The Sniper Rifle is almost always a one hit kill if a human enemy is hit. The
secondary fire offers two levels of zoom while aiming with the L button. The
Sniper Rifle is precise and deadly when used from a distance and possible from
close range if your aiming is good but there is a slight three second delay in
between shots that can be just enough cause trouble on your end.

ESUS Blackfly Sticky Bomb Gun

Dual Wield = Yes

Primary = Shoot explosive/detonate explosive
Secondary = Proximity Mines

Shots per clip = 5
Max Ammo = 10

The sticky gun fires out an explosive that will attach to any surface it hits.
These explosives can be fired at walls, floors, trees, soldiers, and dinosaurs.
While the explosive is attached to an object, tap the primary fire button again
to detonate the explosive.

This weapon takes some good aiming, a clever placement and some guts to master.
It's similar to the Resident Evil Mine Thrower in that the explosive can
backfire on you, but with the ability to actually control detonation unlike the
Mine Thrower, this gun becomes a force to reckoned with when used correctly.

The secondary fire fires out a glowing set of proximity mines that will explode
if any object touches them. These can be placed throughout an area and can be
used to trap an enemy or seal off a section by making long strips of proximity
mines - aka. I dare you to step across this line.


Dual Wield = No

Primary = Rocket shot
Secondary = Lock-on Scope

Shots per clip = 1
Max Ammo = 10

The rocket launcher is the ultimate damaging weapon. While firing the launcher
normally, it will shoot out of rocket that will make a big explosion that can
take out multiple foes at once. This gun will surely blow any dinosaurs away
and leave only juicy bits behind... seriously.

The secondary fire causes a red targeting eye piece to move out of the side of
the rocket launcher. Through this scope, an enemy can be tracked then locked
on to. The lock on cursor will change red when a target is locked on. Once an
enemy is locked on, fire a rocket and it will follow the enemy. The only way
that the enemy can avoid this move is to take cover behind some type of
structure or perform a very well timed (with some luck) dodge to the side.

Stationary Turrets (rocket launcher or machine gun)

Along his journey, Turok will run into enemy turrets that may be used by
tapping and holding the B button next to them. These turrets have infinite
ammo. He can point the turret in any direction around him. Turok is
completely open to attack with no type of cover while using these so be

__ __ _ _ _ _ _
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\ \ /\ / // _` || || |/ /| __|| '_ \ | '__|/ _ \ | | | | / _` || '_ \
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\_/\_/ \__,_||_||_|\_\ \__||_| |_||__\ \___/ \__,_| \__, ||_| |_|
C A M P A I G N M O D E G U I D E __/ |
============================================================= |___/ ===========

This guide was wrote while playing through Hard mode, so some strategies may be
a bit more extreme than what is needed for normal mode.

,-----------. [CH01] ,--.
|___ ___/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | __
| | Chapter 1 | | / /
| | | |,/ /
| |--------------------------------------------------------------\ /
| / PRELUDE \ \
|/------------------------------------------------------------------\___ \

-> Objective: Go to the armory.

Follow the soldier as he enters the hall and he will lead Turok to the armory.
Climb up the ladder after he climbs it - approach the ladder then tap the B (or
O) button to grab on then hold up on the left analog to climb.

TIP: Press LS (or L3) at any time during gameplay to view the current

Move down the left corridor at the top of the ladder and continue to follow the
soldiers. A cutscene will activate eventually.

,-----------. [CH02] ,--.
|___ ___/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | __
| | Chapter 2 | | / /
| | | |,/ /
| |--------------------------------------------------------------\ /
|/------------------------------------------------------------------\___ \

-> Objective: Escape the ship.

Well, so much for Turok's casual stroll through the ship. Turok will be woken
up by one of the members of Whiskey Company as the man runs ahead and meets an
untimely demise. The ship is about to blow and Turok needs to get out!

Run directly ahead. The left tunnel has collapsed burning debris down it so
turn to the right and follow that path. Tap the A (or X) button to jump over
the raised portion of the door. Continue through the opening ahead then drop

Move ahead to hear a soldier calling for Turok. Turn to the left to see a
narrow corridor to the side with the soldier at the end. Run down the corridor
and catch up with him as he leads the way forward. Follow the soldier as he
leaps into the hole.

Turok will face the soldier upon landing so follow him as he leads the way to
the left... wait. No, scrap that - run to the right and step through the
doorway. Oh, what to do, what to do! Aha! Turn to the right to find another
doorway. Go through it and walk up to the debris. Press the Y (or Triangle
button to crouch) then move up under the debris.

Rise back up by tapping the button again. A soldier up ahead will ask for
Turok's help so run ahead to meet him and help him with... hmm, that didn't go
so well.

-> Objective: Get through the door.

Get up off the floor and approach the door that the soldier is trying to get
open. While standing in front of the door tap the B (or O) button when the
button icon appears to pry the door open.

-> Objective: Escape the ship.

Move through the door and up the ramp. The soldier will follow. Turok will
take damage throughout this tunnel but just keep moving. Hop on top of the
raised area at the end of the path then move up to the ladder at the end and
climb it. A cutscene will trigger while climbing the ladder.


-> Objective: Find the main crash site.

Follow the soldier through the tall grass up ahead. The soldier will
eventually catch the site of what appears to be a dinosaur. Follow him as he
speeds up to investigate. Step off the small cliff that he stops at. Move
toward the cliff up ahead and a cutscene will activate as Turok turns to his
right to see a Pteranodon fly by.

Follow the soldier up the path to the left as he tries to contact the rest of
Whiskey Company. Turok will purposely move slow when you walk up the path.
There are several points like this in the game used to intensify the moment.
Be on the lookout for spiky vines that hang along the sides of the path. These
will cause damage and continue to cause damage while stands near it if Turok
touches one, so stay away from them.

The soldier will eventually catch something on his radio and then... oh, that's
not good. Damn, he could have at least given us his weapon! Follow the path
up ahead through the tall grass. At the edge of the cliff, a Raptor can be
seen in the distance as it runs ahead and disappears from site.

Drop off the side of the cliff and move down the path ahead. Turok will move
past some dino remains and into a section of tall grass.


Walk toward the field of grass up ahead. Ah, would you look at that, it's the
gun that the soldier had with him - well, and the soldier's corpse. Drop to
the next section of tall grass. Move toward the corpse and gun up ahead.

Grab the SMG from the rock and then- damnit, I hate it when they do that! A
Miniraptor will attack Turok as soon as he grabs the SMG. Tap the onscreen
buttons to get the damn thing off and break its back. On-screen commands like
this will happen every time that a dino jumps at Turok and tries to maul him.
Be sure to quickly take note of the on-screen buttons then tap them quickly.
Sometimes you will need to shake the left analog from right to left as well as
the button taps, so watch the icon carefully.

Circle the area after throwing the raptor off and shoot at the Miniraptors that
attack Turok. Zoom in with LT (or L2) then tap RT (or R2) to fire. All you
need to do is stay away from them for the most part since a large yell in the
distance will scare them off eventually.

The SMG also comes with a nifty secondary fire that will allow Turok to attach
a silencer to the end of the gun by tapping the RB (or R1) button. RB will
always be your secondary fire for the right-handed weapon. With the silencer
attached, the shots from the SMG will not make a sound making it useful for
stealth, though Turok will not be in a stealth situation for a while.

Walk further ahead and step through the log. It seems that another member of
Whiskey Company didn't make it as Turok stumbles upon yet another body at the
other end of the log. Turok will pick up the knife from near the soldier's


The knife is really the ultimate weapon of the entire game. Turok is a total
animal with this baby. Approach an enemy with the knife equipped to get a LT
(or R2) button icon. Press the button at that time to initiate an instant kill
sequence in which Turok stabs his prey with the knife. The knife can be used
for stealth kills and it can be used to instantly kill most dinosaurs. Turok
is invincible to melee attacks during knife kill animations but he will still
take damage from projectile attacks. In other words, if enemies in the area
have a gun then you don't really want them to find you stabbing something or
they will blast the hell out of Turok and most likely kill him before the knife
animation comes to a close. The primary fire for the knife is a stab or
instant kill sequence while close or a stab at a distance and the secondary
fire is a horizontal slash.

TIP: Equip the knife and Turok will run faster compared to carrying a gun.
Always remember this while playing the main game and especially while playing

Walk toward the cliff ahead. It just so happens that there is a Mendel-Gruman
(MG) light soldier below that will shoot then examine the body of a member of
Whiskey Company. Run up behind the MG soldier and wait for the button icon to
appear while the knife is equipped as Turok walks near him then tap that button
to initiate the stealth kill. Congratulations, you just performed the first of
many, MANY stealth kill sequences much like the ones that you will witness
performed on your online character as gamers sneak up behind your character -
didn't that feel good?

Move up the rock path ahead to find yet another unfortunate MG soldier with his
back turned. Stab him then run up the rock trail on the left side of the area
and hop up to the top of the raised rock platforms then drop into the cave up
ahead. Several dino bones litter the floor of this cave. Move down the tunnel
to initiate a cutcene as a MG soldier catches site of Turok.


-> Objective: Search the area for survivors.

You'll learn to like that wiseass member of Whiskey Company that just helped
Turok... really. Follow Slade as he leads the way. He will move down the side
of a cliff then run down a hill. Some SMG ammo is lying near the bottom of the


TIP: Hold the LT (or L2) button while aiming to zoom in for a more accurate

Four MG light soldiers will attack from off to the left. Shoot them with the
SMG and try to go for headshot. Try to shoot them from a distance and get
behind the rocks to take cover from their gunfire. Search their bodies and
take another SMG from them. Two SMGs can be dual wielded at the same time.
Double tap the directional pad either right or left to dual wield the weapons.
The top shoulder buttons will work as the firing buttons for each hand.

Follow Slade as he leads the way. Run past Slade and follow the rock path as
the helicopter can be heard in the distance. Drop from the other side of the
rock path and hurry ahead as the helicopter hovers above then drops a few MG
soldiers. Dual wield SMGs then shoot the soldiers while they are grouped.
Take cover by ducking behind the nearby rocks. Some of them may try to rush
Turok so be prepared to shoot them as they move closer.

More MG soldiers will move down the cliff up ahead. Shoot them from a
distance. A T-rex will suddenly appear as Slade calls Turok's attention to it.
Allow the T-rex to attack the MG soldiers that drop down the cliff then stand
back and wait for it to leave. A cutscene will play eventually.


,-----------. [CH03] ,--.
|___ ___/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | __
| | Chapter 3 | | / /
| | | |,/ /
| |--------------------------------------------------------------\ /
| / BAD BLOOD \ \
|/------------------------------------------------------------------\___ \

-> Objective: Find the main crash site.

Once again follow Slade. Drop all the way down the cliff that he leads Turok
to. Slade will eventually follow Turok down the cliff. Slade will allow Turok
to lead the way at the bottom. It really doesn't matter what way you take
since they both paths lead the same way. The right path will get you to your
next destination quicker.

-> Objective: Investigate the chopper wreckage

Slade will move on ahead and check out the helicopter wreckage up ahead. He
will still wait up for Turok though, so meet up with him and walk toward the
chopper wreckage with the surrounding Miniraptors. The Miniraptors will
eventually run toward Turok and Slade and attack them so fight back with your
knife and SMG's. They will all eventually retreat after enough of them have
been killed.


Follow Slade toward the chopper wreckage. It seems that some of the MG
soldiers crashed here. Follow Slade as he tells you to meet up with him at the
giant skull (T-rex skull).

-> Objective: Follow Slade.

There is some ammo and grenades over by the wall to the right of the helicopter
crash. Follow Slade to a cliff then jump down the side of the cliff and meet
up with him. A cutscene will activate once the two meet up.

-> Objective: Clear out the area.

Immediately following the cutscene, a Velociraptor will jump out from the
bushes above and attack Turok. Tap the buttons or directions to fight off the
raptor maul then equip the knife and run forward then instant kill it with the
knife when the button icon appears. Two more raptors will appear from behind
the tall grass ahead. You can easily defeat them all with the knife.

TIP: While fighting Velociraptors, make use of Turok's jumping sidestep (hold
to left or right then jump) to dodge their jump attack.

-> Objective: Follow Slade up to the skull.

Slade will move on ahead and tell Turok to meet him at the big T-rex skull up
ahead. A few Miniraptors and another raptor will attack along the way. Slade
will stop at the other side of the big skull. Fight off the Miniraptors that
attack Turok then follow Slade up the vines. Press the B (or O) button while
standing next to them then move up the vines like a ladder. Walk up to Slade
for the next objective.

-> Objective: Find the main crash site.

Follow Slade to the cliff up ahead then drop down and help him fight off the
Miniraptors below. Drop down to the area ahead.


Slade will continue to complain as he follows Turok, so lead the way for the
grumpy old man and move through the tunnel up ahead. The team will run into a
few Compsognathus (Compys) feeding on some dino bones inside the tunnel. Slade
will fire at them as he sees them but these dinos will usually not attack
unless they are threatened. They will run off as Slade fires. Exit the tunnel
by stepping out to the other end.

On the outside, Turok will have a choice of multiple paths, but all of them
lead to the same area. You can duck down and go through the small hole in the
wall next to where Slade is to get a grenade and have a shortcut to the next
area, also you'll have a view of some Brachiosauruses (Brachiosaurs) along the
way. You can also move on ahead and take the path to the right or jump up
along the cliff straight ahead. Either way, you will wind up in an area with a
few Compys and some Parasaurolophus (Parasaurs). The Parasaurs are herbivores
so they will not attack unless threatened. As long as Turok keeps his distance
from them, they will usually not attack. They will always attack if you get
near them while they are running. They will attack by ramming your character.
I know you can't resist the temptation to sink that knife into them so kill if
necessary. Climb the vines to the left of the area.


Move on ahead and a raptor will jump at Turok and attempt to maul him, so fight
it off by following the on-screen command then stab it. Slade should move on
ahead. Move by the Compys and catch up with Slade.

-> Objective: Find the main crash site.

Move up the hill. There is a path to the right where you can leap up some
platforms and run around the side of the large gap up ahead. Turok can also
follow Slade up the hill then move over the log that forms a bridge across the
gap, either way move to the other side.

Keep moving ahead and Turok and Slade will eventually reach a hill overlooking
some raptor eggs. Compys will be gathered around the raptor eggs and a raptor
will jump out of its nest and attack the compys. The compys and the
Miniraptors will likely move up the side of the hill after your group, so fight
them off as they run up the side with either the SMGs or the knife. Kill all
the dinosaurs then move down the hill.

Slade will fire at the raptor eggs then another raptor will appear and attempt
to maul him. Blast the raptor with the SMGs to help out Slade then kill the
raptor - you can actually just stand back and watch also. Slade will call
Turok's attention to something up ahead as he goes to investigate so follow him
as he climbs the vines. Follow Slade to the cliff up ahead.


A helicopter can be heard in the distance as Slade runs ahead. He will tell
Turok to stay down as he moves on ahead - it doesn't matter if you duck or not,
just follow him toward the cliff for a small cutscene. Run to the right as
Slade leads the way afterward.

-> Objective: Find your way to the facility.

Follow Slade until you hear some screams in the distance.


Drop down the hill up under the branches and eventually an MG soldier will run
toward the hill as he is chased by a raptor.

-> Objective: Clear out the area.

Stand on the side of the raised area overlooking the landscape below and watch
as the raptors kill off the MG soldiers. It's always helpful to use the
dinosaurs to your advantage whenever possible. Eventually Turok will get a
flare gun (secondary fire of shotgun) that will allow him to lure the raptors
with its shot.

The soldiers will likely be the winners of the battle since they outnumber the
two raptors, so, as the carnage settles down, drop off the side of the hill and
finish off the MG soldiers that remain with your SMGs. Another raptor will
likely attack as Turok moves toward the wreckage up ahead.

-> Objective: Search the cryo section wreckage.

Move into the middle of the wreckage then hop up over the middle portion of it.


Move on ahead and Turok will notice a bow inside a container among the
wreckage. This is the ORO C9 Perforator compound bow to be exact and it can be
one of the best weapons in the game if you can learn how to use it properly. A
cutscene with another smart remark from Slade will play.

You see, that jackass Slade doesn't understand the power of the bow. The bow
can be used at any time during the main story by tapping up on the directional
pad to equip it. Hold down on the RT (or R2) button to make Turok prepare a
shot. The further back he holds the arrow, the further the arrow will go.
Eventually Turok will fire if the button is held too long, but you can stretch
out the aiming process by holding the button lightly enough to where it is in
between a powerful shot and the breaking point by holding it in with the proper
amount of force. Gently release the fire button to make Turok cancel the shot
without firing the arrow. The bow is a very handy stealth and sniping weapon.
It zooms just a bit further than the SMGs. The arrows cover a great distance
and the arrows ignore heavy armor soldiers so they will always die within one
hit if they are hit with a max powered shot from the bow. When shot with
enough force while a soldier is next to a tree or other type of object, the
arrow will actually pin a soldier to a wall. The secondary fire for the bow is
an explosive Tek arrow but Turok cannot use that particular arrow just yet.

-> Objective: Find a way to the facility.

Move on through the wreckage then turn right and jump up the hill. Stand
behind the rock wall to the right as Turok and Slade come up upon some more MG
soldiers. This is you chance to try out the bow and this is one of your best
chances to pin an enemy to an object.

Achievement Alert: Impaler Ribbon and Pincushion Achievement spot!

Two MG soldiers will be standing on a big tree branch that stretches out in the
distance and one MG soldier will be staring across at them while on your side.
Wait for the two MG soldiers to step out of view then move over to the right
and wait for the MG soldier to step in front of the big tree up ahead. He will
eventually walk in front of it. Right when he walks by it, pull back on the
bow and shoot a powered arrow shot right into his chest or head to pin him to
the tree. If you're trying for the Pincushion achievement then do this and
save your game through the pause menu then choose to restart from the last
checkpoint - all of the arrow pinnings will add up as long as you save the

As long as an enemy is standing near an object that can be pierced then that
enemy will be pinned. The other guards will notice Turok shortly after the
first has been taken down so prepare to defeat them. Use the bow if you want
to practice your aiming or use the SMG if the bow aiming is too tricky for you
at the moment. Some of the MG soldiers may appear out on the tree branch
bridge in the distance so be sure to look across the gap if you start to get
fired at from some unknown location.

Move across the tree branch that stretches over the gap near the ship wreckage
then turn right and continue to move toward the other side of the cliff.
Soldiers will appear on the other side of the gap so prepare to shoot at them -
use the bow. Some more MG soldiers will appear from the other side of the
cliff as well, so they will basically surround your group. Defeat the soldiers
on the other side of the cliff (that the branch leads to) first since Turok can
take cover behind a rock wall then finish off the other soldiers across the

Prepare for another group of soldiers as Turok and Slade move across the next
tree branch after running across the next piece of land. One soldier will
appear across the gap off to the right. A helicopter will fly into the area
and drop even more soldiers onto the piece of land down the hill from the other
side of the tree branch. It might pay you to rush down the hill and take them
down quickly instead of just standing back and firing from a distance since
they tend to get grenade happy here.

Rush to the other side of the cliff then drop down to the left beside the metal
debris and follow the path off to the right. Even more MG soldiers will appear
after the first turn so have the SMG ready. Follow the next tree branch past
the ship wreckage then move along the trail with tall grass.


A soldier will be shooting at a dino up ahead but the soldier will finish off
the dinosaur easily so just fall down the hill and fire at him. Move further
along the path and your group will arrive at a MG soldier drop point. Slade
will suggest that Turok and him flank the enemy and that he will take the right
side. Move along the left rock path and wait for the soldier below to walk to
the right while you look down then rush up behind him and take him down
silently with the knife. The other MG soldiers are likely to notice Turok and
Slade soon so start blasting and tossing grenades if needed. Use the metal
crates spread around the area as cover. Some of the soldiers might try to hide
in the nearby log, so flush them out with a grenade or gunfire. Don't worry
about using the bow here, use the SMGs since there is plenty of ammo for it
lying around - there is actually a whole box of ammo near the metal crates.

Rush to the back of the area across from the helipad to finish off the rest of
the soldiers then follow the path ahead between the rock walls. Fall down the
rock trail up ahead.


-> Objective: Find a way into the MG Facility.

Two Parasaurs can be seen while standing on the side of the rock platform.
Jump down and land near them. Two MG soldiers will appear further along the
trail up ahead. Move toward the rocks that are near the gate up ahead (the
ones with pillars near them) and stay behind them until an MG soldier steps
out. When he appears, move behind the rock across from him then turn and equip
the silencer to the SMG. Fire at the Parasaurs and they will run down the
trail ahead and attack the MG soldiers. The Parasaurs should calm down after
they defeat the soldiers. Sometimes the Parasaurs take a while to cooperate
here and sometimes they may disturb the nearby raptor nest.

One of the soldiers carries an ORO HOG 9mm handgun. These handguns will appear
throughout this next part and they help out quite a bit. The normal fire is
extremely precise so you can get headshots off rather easy with it. The
secondary fire will shoot out a burst of three shots allowing for some slight
rapid fire. The handguns can be dual wielded just like the SMG.

Turok will arrive at the front gate of a base. If Turok is spotted in this
base then the alarm will go off and even more soldiers will appear - Slade will
also make a wiseass remark about your stealth if Turok is spotted. Look off to
the left to see a ladder that leads up to a very high metal platform. There is
also a hollow log that leads into the back of the base, but I would advise
climbing the ladder. Climb to the top of the ladder and grab the arrows in the
box at the top. None of the guards are aware of Turok just yet. Turn around
to the side where Turok came up the ladder then equip the silencer to the SMG
then shoot the raptor eggs below to make a raptor appear from its nest - you'll
have to step out onto the big pipe then turn around to see the eggs. The
raptor will eventually make its way into the base and it will finish off a few
soldiers along the way. Make sure to stay hidden behind the metal pieces and
the guards will not sound the alarm - the guards vision greatly enhances when
they are attacked so they can spot Turok easy at that time.

Once the soldiers finish off the raptor or while they are still fighting the
raptor, look down into the base and find some more raptor eggs behind the small
base wall and shoot them with the silenced SMG to piss off another raptor. The
raptor should move around the rock wall and take out many of the remaining
soldiers. Use the bow to take down any stragglers that manage to survive.
Sometimes you'll luck out and the raptors will survive, making this next part
even easier.

Move along the nearby large pipe and keep your eye toward the catwalks in the
distance. As the two soldiers walk by the single soldier along the bridge,
shoot the single soldier with an arrow while he is by himself then wait for the
two soldiers to walk down the ramp and split up near the container then take
them down one by one while they are apart. If the raptors survive the attack
from earlier then they will automatically begin to take down these soldiers.

Move near the end of the pipe then face to the right and look below to see two
soldiers moving through the sliding doors on the bottom floor. It really
doesn't matter if Turok is seen now or not since these two are the only ones
left. Slade will appear whenever the alarm is set off or when Turok is about
ready to walk through the bottom set of sliding doors. Be sure to backtrack to
the area near the metal crates at the beginning of the base and find the
grenades in one of the rows of crates then go back to the back of the base and
climb to the second floor then move across the bridge. Enter the room at the
top through the sliding doors then stock up on SMGs or handguns inside. Your
main destination is through the bottom set of sliding doors. Walk through the
sliding doors in the area past the first set until a checkpoint triggers.
Slade will split up from Turok after the checkpoint.


-> Objective: Explore the MG facility.

Go through the sliding doors to the left of the doors that Slade went through.
If you hurry and run to the right side of the first right set of crates then a
soldier will be standing near a crate up ahead just waiting to be pinned with
an arrow. Stand back and watch as the soldiers further in the room stand and
talk then wait for the closest one to walk into the small room off to the
right. You can follow him into the room then shoot an arrow to pin him against
the crates inside as he walks toward them but this will instantly give Turok
away. The first soldier must walk into the room to the side then walk out and
meet back up with the other in order for the other to not sound the alarm after
shooting the first. It is hard to take all three down with stealth but
possible with enough patience. There is a set of two pipes against the left
wall that can be shot to make them explode but this will surely give you away,
but it may take down two of them if you shoot it right when Turok first steps
into the room.

There is a ESUS Blackfly Sticky Bomb Gun inside of a box in the small room to
the left. The Sticky bomb gun's primary fire fires out an orange bomb that
will stick to surfaces or enemies. The next press of the primary fire button
will detonate the bomb. The secondary fire shoots out a spray of explosives
that will stick to a surface. Once any object (even gunfire) touches that
surface then the spray will explode. Stock up on SMG ammo in the small room if
needed before moving on. Move down the ramp then enter the next room.

The canisters and the pipe caps in this area can be shot for explosions. Two
soldiers with their backs turned will be examining something up ahead. Use the
knife to stab both and they will not notice Turok if you stab the first as soon
as the icon appears while sneaking up on him. Move a little ways ahead and
sneak up behind the soldier in the middle of the room then stab him - his
positioning is random. Two soldiers will move down the staircase to the left
or possibly right. Quickly get below the staircase then sneak up on the back
soldier as they walk past the stairs and stab him then stab the other. These
three guards in the middle of the room are pretty blind so you can nearly walk
right in front of them and they will sometimes not see Turok. Check the
shelves around the area for extra ammo.

The second floor is nearly devoid of stealth opportunities since there is
really nothing to hide behind. Try to get a few stealth kills by going up the
right staircase and sneaking up behind a few of the guards on the second floor.
There are about ten soldiers altogether on full alert so be careful - shoot
them from the bottom of the stairs if you must. Check the shelves around the
area for ammo and grenades. While going up either staircase to the third floor
a soldier will kick an explosive canister down the stairs, so quickly back away
from the stairs as it rolls down or throw a grenade up the stairs before the
soldier rolls it downward after Turok.

Allow the soldiers on the third floor to come down the stairs then shoot at
them from the bottom of the stairs. A few of the soldiers on the third floor
like to hide behind the pillars, so you'll have to go to them. Go through the
sliding door on the third floor.


Slade will contact Turok eventually. After the cutscene, move past the
controls to the sides then make a right and pick up the extra ammo lying on the
shelf at that end. Go back the other way and turn the corner. A sound of a
helicopter will likely catch your attention. Look out the window on the left
to see a helicopter dropping off some of Kane's men. You can't shoot them
through the glass, so turn around and follow the hall ahead. Pass by the shelf
full of ammo.


Move down the ramp off to the side. Three soldiers will move into view up
ahead. Try to stay behind the furthest pillar as the single soldier moves down
the hall then stab him with the knife from the back. Catch up with the other
soldiers and try stab at least one of them. Move through the sliding doors at
the other end of the room to find a bunch of ammo inside including some Sticky
Bomb ammo.

The room on the side has tons of soldiers that will appear along the catwalks
as Turok moves further into the area. Shoot the first few in view then shoot
the one soldier on the high catwalk. Move up the ramps or down the ladders and
work your way toward the other side of the room. No matter which way you take,
soldiers will be all over Turok. The high route is my personal choice but both
ways are filled with enemies. Duck behind the metal railings and move behind
the metal wall pieces of the catwalks for cover from the gunfire. Be sure to
watch for incoming grenades. Shoot many of the soldiers from a distance if at
all possible. Soldiers will appear from the sides of the catwalks throughout
this area so be on your guard. Two soldiers will move through the sliding doors
at the end of the catwalks. Find the ammo on the sides of the area - go down
the right end of the catwalk to find a grenade along with some more ammo. Walk
through the set of sliding doors on the other side of the room to continue.


Horde the ammo on the right shelf of the control room. Walk toward the sliding
doors up ahead and Slade will contact Turok.

-> Objective: Meet up with Slade.

Walk through the crates in the next room then move up the ladder. Take the
arrows near the top of the ladder. Throw a grenade below or shoot a sticky
bomb near the group of soldiers then detonate it when you get them in view.
Another soldier will attack from further ahead as he steps through the sliding
doors. Walk through the next set of sliding doors.

-> Objective: Help Slade.

Kill any soldiers that are on the current floor or the second floor. Slade
will run into view soon.


-> Objective: Get on the elevator.

If you still have the sticky bomb gun then get rid of it and grab one of the
handguns or an SMG - you need more precise aiming for this portion coming up.
It is good to have a handgun and an SMG for this next part. There are plenty
of handgun and SMG pickups behind the gated area with crates inside. Make sure
that both weapons are fully loaded then step onto the elevator.

-> Objective: Help Slade.

For this next part, keep in mind that Slade will help out Turok until he has
taken too much damage - at that time he will fall and recover, leaving Turok on
his own, so it is a good idea to shoot the surrounding enemies and help him out
as much as possible. There is handgun and SMG ammo to the side of each crate
stack on the elevator.

Once Slade has started the elevator, soldiers will begin to attack from the
above platforms. Look up and find them then help Slade shoot them. Slade will
help out quite a bit during this portion so make sure to help him out by
blasting all the surrounding soldiers so Slade doesn't receive too much damage.
It is best to dual wield an SMG and a handgun during this part. Spray the
enemies with the SMG if they start to move in order to stun them then fire at
them with the handgun's secondary fire burst shot or normal shot. Hide behind
the crates if Turok ever begins to take too much damage. Watch for the red
arrows on the screen as Turok takes damage then get behind a nearby crate that
is facing that arrow - this becomes crucial toward as the elevator continues to
rise higher.

There will be a bit of a break as the elevator passes through a portion without
platforms but the soldiers will be waiting above as the elevator continues to
rise. Before the next set of platforms are reached a soldier up above will
roll down some explosive barrels, so make sure to look directly upwards and
dodge out of the way as the barrels roll downward. Aim toward that side and
fire at the soldier as he steps out then run toward the crates on his side
since another soldier will appear on the opposite side. Find explosive barrels
next to the soldiers further above and shoot the barrels to defeat them
quickly. You might want to use grenades when soldiers start to group up on
platforms. Pay attention to the way that Slade is shooting and help him out
since sometimes he will not always finish the job.

The elevator will go through another break in platforms and the blast door up
above will close off. Slade will tell Turok to destroy the blast door override
while he secures the elevator. Soldiers will come through the sliding doors on
the current floor and two others will appear on the platform overhead. Defeat
the soldiers on the first floor then go up the stairs and finish off the other
two. While on the second floor soldiers will move through the corridors on the
other side and more soldiers will appear on the first floor. You've really got
to watch out for grenades while on the second floor since the soldiers that
appear on the first floor will throw them toward Turok. The most distance
soldiers can be the most dangerous. If you shoot the override panel right away
then the soldiers on the bottom floor seem to disappear. Shoot and destroy the
blast door override panel in the back of the reddish room to open the blast
door up above. Stay away from it since it will explode.

-> Objective: Get on the elevator.

Run back down the stairs and stock up on ammo then get on the elevator. Many
soldiers will move through the sliding doors on the sides along the way so be

-> Objective: Help Slade.

Nope, still no check point for you. If you die here then you have to do all of
this again and this next part can get just as intense as the last part. In
fact, you should not reload until Turok automatically reloads - don't manual
reload unless you are sure that no soldiers are around. This final portion is
all about aggression and quick aiming. Shoot the explosive barrels along the
side of the above catwalks whenever soldiers are on the platforms. Try as much
as you can to stay behind a crate but keep in mind that soldiers will be all
around Slade and Turok during this portion so it is best to just kill as many
as possible as fast as you can! Make sure that Slade is not stunned at this
part since his gunfire is basically your only safeguard against constant fire
from multiple directions. The elevator will eventually make it to the top and
the big gate will open on the top floor.

-> Objective: Follow Slade.

Stock up on ammo and take the arrows to the side. Move through the door and a
cutscene will eventually play.


,-----------. [CH03] ,--.
|___ ___/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | __
| | Chapter 4 | | / /
| | | |,/ /
| |--------------------------------------------------------------\ /
|/------------------------------------------------------------------\___ \

-> Objective: Reach the other side of the valley.

Slade and Turok will start at the top of a rock structure overlooking a valley
with a damaged bridge and a few Parasaurs. Drop down the rock platforms and
move around the right side of the damaged bridge. Don't move around the left
side of this area since there is no cover from the impending thread up ahead.
Run over toward the big rock platform with the hollow log next to it on the
right side. A roar can be heard in the distance as Slade mentions that
"something is coming". Move around the side of the log and a Gigantosaur will
chase some Parasaurs your way. Move up into the log and the Gigantosaur will
not be able to reach Turok - Turok is safe inside the log.

-> Objective: Meet Slade at the cave entrance.

The Gigantosaur will be attacked by some of the raptors, which he will finish
rather quickly, then the Gigantosaur will move away from the log and walk
behind a nearby rock structure. This is your best chance to equip the combat
knife and haul ass toward the wall up ahead. Follow the wall to the left and
move toward the burning wreckage up ahead. Slade will be crouching and waiting
for Turok near the wreckage. A raptor will most likely attack along the way,
so take out the bow and shoot it with an arrow or take your chances with a
prolonged knife kill. Don't use the SMG or any other gun or the Gigantosaur
will hear the bullets and chase after Turok.

-> Objective: Find a way inside.

Step toward the waterfall behind the wreckage then drop into the hole in front
of the waterfall.


-> Objective: Find a way out of the caves.

Move further into the cave and you'll catch a glimpse of a raptor behind a wall
of vines. Slade will notice some bones on the cave floor as both characters
continue deeper into the cave. Find the florescent light on the cave floor
further ahead then duck and move through the small tunnel in the cave wall.

A dead Parasaur will be lying near the wall up ahead. Turn to the left and
duck down once again then move through the next small tunnel in the wall. Some
handguns can be picked up near a dead MG soldier down the path to the left
after stepping out of the tunnel. Follow the path that is lit up.


Duck and move into the small tunnel in the cave wall at the bottom of the lit
path. You'll hear a raptor attacking a soldier then see a raptor toss a dead
MG soldier to the side as Turok steps out of the small tunnel. Continue ahead
and Turok will notice a shotgun on the cave floor. Slade will take the shotgun
and a cutscene will play. As Slade says, the raptors are drawn to the light of
the flare, which will come in handy in a few moments.

An Albino raptor will jump at Turok and knock him back. Get up and kill the
raptor with a knife. Slade should help Turok take out the other surrounding
raptors. Follow Slade into the middle area then move up the ramp and follow
Slade across the rock bridge. Raptors will move out of the small tunnels on
the left side of the wall so take out the knife and stab them as they exit.
Slade will lead the way, so follow him up the side of the cave. His shotgun
will allow him to quickly take out just about any raptor that gets in his way,
so focus on stabbing and moving forward and Slade will handle the rest. The
most important part about moving along the side of the cave is to not let a
raptor knock Turok back down the side or he will have to move up the ramp again
while raptors gather around him. Find the tunnel at the end of the path then
run into it.

-> Objective: Find a way out of the caves.

Continue toward the gap up ahead and step across the rock bridge. The bridge
will crumble and Turok will fall into the pit below. Slade will tell Turok to
look for another way out as he continues ahead while up above. Drop down the
rock platform that Turok is on.


Move on down the tunnel then pick up the ORO Enforcer shotgun on the cave
floor. The body to the side of the shotgun has some arrows also. This shotgun
takes some pretty heavy damage with its near rapid primary fire from up close
and its secondary fire will launch out flares. The flares can be shot on the
ground or at an enemy. The flare will catch a raptor's attention and make it
move toward the flare. You can actually make raptors attack each other by
shooting one of them with a flare - it's quite amusing to watch! Shotguns can
be dual wielded for some incredible close range firepower. The shotgun has a
major recoil so the cursor tends to get out of control while aiming with one.

Move further ahead and Turok will come upon an area where MG soldiers will be
holding their ground against a pack of Albino raptors. Run over to the ledge
on the right as soon as you enter to see the raptors overpower the MG soldiers.
Toss a grenade below to hopefully take out some of the raptors. They will
eventually come up the side of the ledge after Turok either way. Use the flare
to draw the attention of some of the raptors then blast them with the shotgun.
Shotgun blasts take them down rather quickly but there are quite a few raptors
to deal with in this open area so run away if they ever start to get too
aggressive. Dodging to the side can avoid their jumping attacks but be sure to
time it well. Eventually only one raptor will attack at a time then they will
stop appearing for a while. Stock up on grenades and shotgun ammunition and
grab the other shotgun by the damaged metal crate in the middle of the cave.

Run up the side of the ramp off to the left then move up the path along the
side of the cave. A few more raptors will attack along the way but just use
the knife for the ones that Turok meets along the path since they will not be
in that great of number. Some of them will attack an MG soldier up ahead.
Allow them to kill him. Raptors will continually appear from behind so just
ignore them once the current raptors have been cleared out then climb the vines
at the end of the cave tunnel. Move up the ramp at the top then exit the cave
and step outside.

-> Objective: Meet up with Slade.

A few Compys will be wandering around the area outside. Turok will contact
Slade as you step toward the tree up ahead. Move up under the tree.


Look off the side of the ledge up ahead to see some Compys run into a hollow
log below. Jump down below then follow the Compys through the log. A
Dilophosaurus (Dilophosaur) will appear on the other side of the log and it
will kill a raptor with its jaws. These enemies attack much like a raptor by
constantly knocking Turok back but they are more aggressive and take more hits
to kill. A Dilophosaur can be stabbed with a knife but you'll have to knock it
on its side then rush up to its belly to get the icon for the instant kill
stab. You won't have to deal with this one though, not at the moment, since
Slade will appear and drive it off with flare - yeah, the flare works for
Dilophosaurs too.

-> Objective: Clear out the area.

Raptors will attack as soon as Turok steps out of the log so get the shotgun
ready and shoot out some flares then blast the raptors while they stare at the
flare. Use the knife a bit as well since Turok doesn't have to worry about
getting hit from physical attacks during a knife stab. The Dilophosaur will
come back up the hill after most of the raptors have been defeated, so take out
two shotguns and blast the hell out of him while moving away from him. Use
flares to draw his attention or you could shoot him with a flare and make
raptors attack him. Be sure to keep your distance from him since a Dilophosaur
can kill Turok pretty quickly with its constant aggression. Raptors will
continuously enter the area after the Dilophosaur has been defeated.

-> Objective: Follow Slade.

Slade will eventually tell Turok that he has found a way out, so follow him
over to some vines that are against the wall near the water.

-> Objective: Find a way out.

Climb up the vines. A raptor will jump on Turok at the top then a cutscene
will trigger.

-> Objective: Head toward the smoke on horizon.

Follow Slade and Reese as they move up the hill. The two will pass by a
Parasaur and a few Compys which Turok can brutally slay like a savage animal as
his companions walk casually up the hill. Follow your two companions on up the
hill then move between the two rock walls up ahead. Drop to the other side of
the area then walk toward the tree in the distance.


,-----------. [CH05] ,--.
|___ ___/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | __
| | Chapter 5 | | / /
| | | |,/ /
| |--------------------------------------------------------------\ /
| / REUNIONS \ \
|/------------------------------------------------------------------\___ \

-> Objective: Head toward the smoke on the horizon.

A cutscene will play when Turok moves up under the tree.

Achievement alert: Man or Animal and It's a Trap!

Once the cutscene ends, Slade will contact Turok and tell him to take down as
many soldiers as he can quietly. Walk toward the soldiers in the tall grass up
ahead then sneak behind him and stab him with the knife. Walk over to the rock
hill that overlooks the two soldiers pacing around below. From here, you can
kill the soldiers a bunch of different ways. Stealth kill them with a bow or
jump down below then kill them with the knife quietly. There are some raptors
on the hill to the left that can be used to your advantage as well. Fire a
flare directly at one of the soldiers and the raptors will jump off the hill
and attack both soldiers. If you are going for the "It's a Trap!" achievement
then shoot a soldier with a flare then pause and save your game after the
mauling and restart then do it again - perform the same task five times to get
the achievement

More soldiers will enter the area and the raptors will automatically attack
from the sound of gunfire if Turok is spotted so try to stay undetected.
Shooting the soldiers quietly with arrows is really the best way to approach
this part - just make sure that one doesn't see the body of the other.

Move up the hill on the left side and stay against the left wall to find a ORO
L66 pulse rifle against the side of the wall. This pulse rifle will come in
much handy for the big fights up ahead. The primary fire will shoot a rapid
burst of bullets. The primary fire can overheat very easily so don't just hold
the button down all the time - push in a bit then let go every now and then and
repeat. Whenever a pulse rifle overheats in Turok's hands, the gun will jam
and Turok will shake the gun to try to get it working again, which will leave
you wide open. The overheating animation cannot be canceled in any way unless
an enemy jumps at Turok and knocks him down. The overheating is the main
drawback of this weapon. The secondary fire will launch a disruption grenade
that will knock down soldiers as it damages them. The disruption grenade is an
excellent choice for flushing out soldiers from a hiding spot since you get
quite a few grenades with the pulse rifle and they can be replenished by simply
picking up more ammo which is usually readily available. Some of the soldiers
up ahead will carry pulse rifle, so you can get more ammo after killing them.

Carry either a pulse rifle and shotgun or SMG and shotgun with you up the hill.
A soldier will move down the hill up ahead so take out the bow and shoot him
quietly. Climb the vines further up the hill.

TIP: Before climbing the vines, look off to the right and find the single MG
soldiers on the high ledge before you move past the overhead tree. Take out
the bow and shoot this soldier with an arrow to make this next part much

Achievement Alert: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... BOOM!

A helicopter will descend up ahead then drop down three MG soldiers. If you
prepare for this then you can throw a grenade right before the soldiers land
and kill all three with one grenade - stand at a distance then toss it over the
long slender rock. The grenade must be below them as they land to kill all

Move on ahead and soldiers will come down the hill below the tree up ahead and
another will stand on the side of the cliff up above and shoot at Turok. The
soldier on the side of the hill can be the main problem here especially since
he carries a pulse rifle. Stand back beside the log in this area or inside of
it and try to take them down from there. Keep in mind that the high soldier
can be taken down before reaching this area (see tip up above). A raptor will
appear from the area behind Turok but Slade will most likely keep it occupied.
You can shoot a flare toward the tree where the soldiers enter the area from
and have the raptor do some of the attacking for you. Reese will help out by
shooting with his sniper rifle from the hill above and Slade will be shooting
some of the soldiers along with Turok. You'll face off against some heavily
armored soldiers here and some of them carry pulse rifles, so stock up on the
ammo that they carry after finishing them. The enemy pulse rifles can damage
Turok very quickly so take cover often at this part. Some soldiers will also
run down the hill while shooting with shotguns so be sure to take them down
quick with the pulse rifle or a one hit bow kill. The best weapons to use here
are the bow (one hit kill), the pulse rifle (fire and shoot grenades) or you
can dual wield an SMG and a shotgun (spray the enemy with SMG bullets to
stagger them then run up to them a nd blast them with the shotgun).

-> Objective: Investigate wreckage at the hilltop.

Rush into the area below the tree once the soldiers start to slow down on
moving down the hill then prepare to fight off some more up the hill. Stand
under the tree and try to take down as many as you can from a distance since
there are quite a few of them spread out and they easily get around the cover
up ahead in the wreckage if you move forward while they are in the area. Use
disruption grenades in this area to make the soldiers move out from their
hiding spots then shoot them whenever they step out from cover. Don't rush at
this final part since you will have to repeat the whole stage if Turok falls
here. Move around the right side of the wreckage to find a path that leads
further up the hill.

-> Objective: Head towards the smoke on horizon.

Reese will contact Slade and Turok and tell them that he is going to scout
ahead. Drop down the rock platforms further ahead and some roaring will be
heard in the distance. Turok will come upon a dead raptor. Look up toward the
trail of blood leading up the tree in front of Turok to see some meat pieces
falling from up above as some dinosaur mauls another one. Follow the path to
the left.


A new enemy will attack further ahead as a cutscene shows Turok looking toward
a tree in the distance. This new enemy is known as a Lurker and resembles and
moves much like an alligator on all four feet but an alligator was never so
damn quick! These things cling to the sides of trees then crawl down very
quickly to attack. They can be stabbed with a knife much like a raptor but
they are sometimes hard to approach without getting knocked back but stabbing
them is really better than shooting them since they move so fast it is hard to
aim at them. If you do shoot them then try to hit them with a shotgun or the
pulse rifle. If you're good with aiming then use the bow to kill them with one
hit from a charged arrow shot. Lurkers can jump and maul Turok much like
raptors so be prepared to input the on-screen command to throw them off. After
throwing one of them off, equip the knife then kill it with an instant kill
knife stab.

A few more Lurkers will attack as Turok and Slade move ahead. Follow the path
off to the left then step up under the overhead log. Another Lurker will
attack but Reese will shoot the Lurker from the top of the overhead log. Climb
either of the hills up ahead and some more Lurkers will attack. The left path
at the top is a dead so continue to the right. You will be able to see some of
the Lurkers as the crawl up in the trees and on the sides of the nearby rock
structures, so try to shoot them while they are crawling up above to knock them
down. You can also use the bow, pulse rifle, or SMG for some distant kills -
sometimes the Lurkers will not always run toward Turok after he shoots them
from a distance.

Follow the path to the right and the group will meet up with Reese. Reese will
shoot at the remaining Lurkers to help out Slade and Turok. Move across the
log where Reese was and pick up the grenades on the other side if needed.
Further ahead there is some shotgun ammo near the corpses of soldiers. Find
the opening along the left wall then follow the path behind it. Vines will be
hanging overhead as Turok, Slade and Reese move along the path.


A few Compys will run toward the group by they will not attack unless you
attack most of the time. They will constantly tag along behind the group
though, so I would recommend killing the little annoyances - you know you want
to anyway.

Drop down the hill ahead. Run past the burning wreckage off to the side then
hang a left at the burnt tree up ahead and a cutscene will activate shortly as
the three meet back up with Whiskey Company at the crash site.


,-----------. [CH06] ,--.
|___ ___/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | __
| | Chapter 6 | | / /
| | | |,/ /
| |--------------------------------------------------------------\ /
|/------------------------------------------------------------------\___ \

-> Objective: Find Comm Unit.

Turok is on his own once again at the beginning of this level. Compys can be
seen up ahead as Turok drops down the hill. Don't mess with the dinosaurs in
this area and they won't mess with Turok. Move down the left path directly
ahead. You'll pass by a valley with a few Parasaurs but there is nothing down
there except for a dead soldier with some pulse rifle ammo - don't move to the
other side of the valley just yet (across from the Parasaurs) since some
Lurkers are waiting in that area. Stay up above and run up under the tree root
that sticks out overhead then move up the rock ramp to the left near the rock
wall. As a rock path trails off to the right while on the current ramp, follow
it and don't continue up the rest of the ramp or a Lurker will jump out from
the overhead bushes and maul Turok - just fight off the Lurker if it attempts
to maul Turok. The soldier below the overhead bushes at the top of the cliff
has a handgun.

Follow the side of the ramp and collect the pulse rifle ammo and Tek arrows
from the dead body along the side of the cliff overlooking the valley. Now
Turok finally has access to the bow's secondary fire after snatching the Tek
arrows. The Tek arrows tip end is filled with gunpowder so it will explode
whenever it hits a surface. These are perfect for dealing with a powerful
enemy or a group of enemies. The explosion range is basically the same size as
a grenade's explosion. The Tek arrow can easily be used as a more accurate
grenade when needed.

Look off the side of the cliff to spot a Lurker in the valley below. Stare
along the middle rock wall to spot some Lurkers on the rock walls. Take out
the bow and shoot a normal arrow at the Lurkers while they are on the wall to
kill them with one hit. Each Lurker will always run back up to a portion of
the wall and then stop, so wait for that moment then fire. They can't reach
Turok while he remains on the current cliff. Fall down the side of the cliff
once the three Lurkers have been killed then step toward the ship wreckage up

The wreckage has tons of ammo around it (SMG, shotgun, Tek arrows, grenades).
A few Compys will be moving about in the area and a Lurker will jump out from
near the wreckage then run off. Move up the side of the ramp to the left.
Take the arrows and Tek arrows from the soldier's body at the top if needed.
Turok will contact Whiskey Company at the top of the ramp to tell them that he
has found the wreckage but no survivors. Drop off the side of the cliff to the
valley below.


-> Objective: Find Comm Unit.

This valley has ammo pickups throughout the area along the sides. Compys will
run along the side of Turok in the valley below as he enters the area with the
trees. The Compys can get in the way for this next part but they just keep
appearing so killing them is pretty much useless. Lurkers are up in the trees
and along the rock walls of the wooded area so take out the bow and shoot at
them. A normal arrow doesn't seem to always kill them with one shot here, so
you may want to switch to Tek arrows since they are at a closer range.
Shooting a dinosaur with a Tek arrow or any type of explosive weapon is rather
pleasing anyway - you'll get to see a meat shower! There are some more arrows
and Tek arrows off to the left of this wooded area.

It is best to move through the area with trees rather quickly since more
Lurkers will continue to drop down from the side of the rock walls after one
has been killed. Turok can take cover in the middle hollow log if the Lurkers
ever begin to take too much damage - they will not follow him into the log.
Move toward the rock platforms on the other side then hop to the top of them.

-> Objective: Search the area for the Communications Unit.

A helicopter will fly by up in air ahead as Turok presses forward. Drop down
the rock platforms then move past the group of Compys up ahead. Run up the
hill past the dead Whiskey Company soldier and a cutscene will trigger. Once
the cutscene ends, move on ahead toward the overhead tree root.


-> Objective: Search the area for the Communications Unit.

Drop to the area below. A few Compys will be walking around in this lower
area. Find the rock ramp off to the right and move up it then go across the
tree bridge toward the middle rock platform and look off to the right to see
some shotgun ammo and a grenade. Jump across to that ledge to collect the
ammo. Fall down below and find the rock path up ahead with the narrow rock
walls. You'll drop down a few times then come upon a Compy and a dead soldier.
After plenty of twists and turns, Turok will reach the other side of the narrow
rock passage.

Two raptors will be wandering the area outside of the passage. Stand inside
the passage and shoot them with arrows. Be careful since they can come up into
the rock passage part of the way. There are some spiky vines surrounding the
entrance to the cave so try to stay directly in the middle as you move out.
When Turok exits the passage another raptor will move out of the tunnel to the
right so be ready to take him down with whichever weapon of your choosing.
More raptors will appear from the back of the path ahead as Turok presses
forward. Even more raptors and a few miniraptors will appear up ahead so use a
flare to catch their attention if they all start to overwhelm Turok.

The path directly ahead leads to a dead end with a bit of ammo. Your main
destination is up the hill to the left. Move past the hollow log and turn the
corner at the end to the left. A Whiskey Company soldier (Cowboy) will be
holding his ground against a small group of MG soldiers. You can take this
chance to sneak up behind them and kill them with a knife or you could just use
a grenade. Using a knife is kind of risky since they will likely spot Turok
during the first knife kill and shoot him during the stabbing animation.
Cowboy will draw their attention constantly so you can afford to take a few of
them down with the knife.


-> Objective: Reach the rendezvous point with Cowboy.

Cowboy will join up with Turok after Turok helps him out and you will gain some
new orders to reach the rendezvous point with your new companion. Cowboy comes
equipped with an SMG and he will help out quite a bit for this next portion.
Move further ahead then turn around the left corner. A Dilophosaur will be
attacking some MG soldiers on the cliff across from your group. Allow the
Dilophosaur to kill a few of the MG soldiers. If the soldiers do not catch
site of Turok then you won't have to fight near as many here. It really pays
to help out the Dilophosaur by shooting arrows from your current side. They
will likely catch site of you eventually. Use the bow to take down many of the
MG soldiers from a distance - they can be pinned to the rock wall behind them.
Step out from around the corner then move behind the rock structure off to the
right for some good cover during this fight.

After the MG soldiers are all dead, move across the tree that forms a bridge
further to the right to reach the other side of the opposite ledge where the MG
soldiers were. If the Dilophosaur is still alive then draw his attention with
the flare and kill him with the shotgun or you could use a Tek arrow - he
should be very weak by now. Stock up on the ammo from the fallen soldiers if
needed - there is also a whole box of pulse rifle ammo further ahead. The
miniraptors roaming the area will not attack unless you or Cowboy provokes
them. Move up the hill on the other side of the ledge.

A helicopter can be heard in the distance - it is actually flying down to the
camp below to send out troops. Don't be shy or try to play stealthy by
standing below the openings up ahead - oh, hell no - just run through the left
opening and take down the soldier with his back turned by firing a quick arrow
or using the knife. Directly after finishing the first soldier, toss a grenade
down toward the metal helipad below to knock down or possibly kill the soldiers
there then use the turret machine gun to the side (press B [or O] to take
control of it) to shoot the soldier in the turret on the ledge directly across
from you. There are plenty of explosive canisters lying around the camp below
that can help for defeating the remainder of the soldiers. The helicopter will
actually come back and drop out three more soldiers so quickly shoot them all
as they land. The turret can overheat which will delay fire for a few seconds
but it's nowhere near as bad as a pulse rifle overheating since Turok only has
to stop firing the turret for about three seconds. The soldiers will spot
Turok very quickly at this part so stealth killing is basically nonexistent.
There is a sticky bomb gun in a box behind the turret that can help out a lot
for this part. Cowboy will help out a bit in this battle but be sure to exit
the turret if Turok ever starts to take too much damage. If you plan on
getting the "Sell Your Shotgun" achievement in the next level then I would
recommend dropping the shotgun now and taking either the SMG or sticky bomb gun
from this camp.

Jump down to the camp below and gather up the ammo in the boxes around the camp
then follow Cowboy toward the other side. A cutscene will activate after Turok
speaks to Cowboy.


,-----------. [CH07] ,--.
|___ ___/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | __
| | Chapter 7 | | / /
| | | |,/ /
| |--------------------------------------------------------------\ /
|/------------------------------------------------------------------\___ \

Achievement Alert: Sell Your Shotguns

If you can afford to make it past this level without using a shotgun then you
will gain the "Sell Your Shotguns" achievement. Making it through without a
shotgun isn't really all that hard. The main reason to use one is to get a
dino's attention with the flare launcher but you really don't need it if you
can play well with the other weapons. Use an SMG, a pulse rifle, and the bow
and these should get you through the level just fine.

-> Objective: Search the area for the Communications Unit.

Two Whiskey Company soldiers (Foster and Gonzales) will join up with Turok for
this level. Move down either path since they both lead the same way.
Miniraptors will attack as the group presses forward. Your teammates will most
likely defeat the miniraptors in the area before you can make much of a move
yourself. Step around the big tree in the middle of the open area up ahead.
Walk past the damaged concrete wall at the end of the path. Move toward the
next broken wall up ahead and some more miniraptors will attack. Foster will
scout on ahead so follow his lead up the hill. Continue to follow Foster's
lead as he reaches a ledge then a sniper will shoot and kill him from the lower
area below the cliff.


-> Objective: Investigate Compound.

Well, this chapter hasn't even really started yet an already one of your
teammates has been taken down. Nice job there, Turok. You'll need to equip
the bow or have some good aiming with a rapid fire weapon to take down the
snipers up ahead - there are two of them up high on the damaged building below.
One is on the far right side and one is on the left side.

Equip the knife then rush out from the side of the rock wall where your
companion is and move behind each of the trees off to the left as Turok runs.
See if you get an aim on one of the snipers. The right sniper is usually the
easier one to hit. Make your way over to the left side of the area and hide
behind the large tree or the rock further ahead then focus on shooting the
other sniper. Raptors will sometimes attack Turok while he hides, so you'll
have to kill them off with a quick bow or knife kill. Try not to step out from
behind cover or the sniper will surely shoot Turok.

Don't shoot at the other soldiers in the back of the damaged building below
just yet since they will spot Turok and start to shoot at him along with the
snipers. Allow the raptors to kill the soldiers in the back of the building if
they are already attacking them. Once the snipers are gone, run down the hill
then find the remaining MG soldiers in the area and kill them. Gonzales (your
Whiskey Company companion) will help out with the soldiers behind the building.
Quite a few MG soldiers are behind the building so take out the pulse rifle and
use rapid fire and disruption grenades to flush them out from their hiding
spots. A save point will occur shortly after the final MG soldier has been


-> Objective: Search the area for the Communications Unit.

Gonzales will insist that you and him search the area for the Comm Unit. There
is a sticky bomb gun in a box in the middle of this area that might come in use
for the fight in just a few minutes. This is also your best chance to find one
of the sniper rifle pickups in this area. Run toward the middle portion of the
damaged building and turn to the right then find the destroyed wall that forms
a ramp up to the top of the building. Grab the TRIGLAV 92 Stalker (T92) Sniper
Rifle at the very top of the building. This sniper rifle can take down just
about any enemy with one well-placed shot. Its secondary fire will allow you
to zoom while holding down the LT (or L2) button. The zoom will start out at
2X then go to 5X and then 10X with each zoom increase. After a while, a
helicopter will fly by and drop bombs in the area in front of the building so
stay in the back of the building. The helicopter will also let out a few MG
soldiers in the wooded area in front of the building.

-> Objective: Hold off MG Offensive.

While still on top of the building where the sniper rifle was at, find the
group of MG soldiers that the helicopter drops and try to shoot each of them
with the sniper rifle. The helicopter will let out a group of four soldiers in
the middle portion of the area, so have the sniper rifle ready for them as
well. The main problem here is finding time to reload since the enemies move
rather fast and they are dropped one right after the other.

Before long, a helicopter will fly into the area once again and let out many
more MG soldiers. It is hard to take all of these down with the sniper rifle
since they are so close, so you might want to resort to a grenade or possibly
the sticky bomb gun if you want to take many of them down at once. You can't
afford to stay up high toward the end of this fight so run back down below and
take out the remainder of them with the pulse rifle - use the disruption
grenades often. Gonzales will help out quite a bunch during this fight.
Another save point will occur once the final soldier falls.

-> Objective: Continue search for Communications Unit.

Facing the front side of the damaged building, find the wide tree on the left
side behind the building. As Turok approaches the branch of the tree with the
opening below it, a group of Spitters will attack Turok and Gonzales. They are
basically normal raptors with a toxic spit that will damage Turok. Besides
their spit attack, these raptors attack the same way as a normal raptor. They
have a brownish color and are slightly bigger and broader than a normal raptor.
You can use the sticky bomb gun to shoot them in order to get some eye-pleasing
meat showers once the bomb explodes. Either way, move down the path below the
tree root once the small Spitters have been defeated. Be sure to bring a
sniper rifle with you (unless you're good with the bow) and it wouldn't hurt to
have the pulse rifle either.


-> Objective: Continue search for the Communications Unit.

Run across the branch forming a bridge at the end of the path then drop to the
lower area on the other side. Some very intense stomping can be heard up ahead
as Turok steps past the small group of Compys and heads toward the overhead


Drop down to the lower area up ahead and walk by the Parasaur. Spitter Raptors
wander this area, so be on the lookout for them. Gonzales will notice the ship
wreckage below as a new objective appears.

-> Objective: Search crash site.

Several MG soldiers are up ahead. If they get involved in a fight with some of
the dinos then allow them to finish before moving on ahead. The bow and the
sniper rifle work very well for this area. Hide behind one of the rocks and
pick the soldiers off with the sniper rifle or a bow. There is an MG soldier
with a sniper rifle on the hill ahead so be sure to take him down with a sniper
rifle or the bow quickly. The spitter raptors can get quite annoying in this
area so if you have a shotgun then you might want to think about using its
flare launcher to draw their attention away from Turok. As you continue
forward, a helicopter will drop a few more soldiers into the area. Another
objective will pop up once the soldiers have all been taken down.

-> Objective: Continue search for the Communications Unit.

Move toward the wreckage up ahead and a cutscene will take place. Gonzales
manages to find the Comm Unit in the cutscene. As the cutscene comes to a
close, you will see that when Gonzales finds something, he really hits the

-> Objective: Retrieve the Comm Unit.

Mama Scarface (the Tyrannosaurus) will grab Gonzales in her jaws then walk up
the hill with him. Her trampling will cause pieces of the hill to fall and
allow Turok to chase after her. Don't worry about keeping up with big momma -
she will walk up to a higher rock ledge that Turok cannot reach anyway.
Instead, take the path to the right of the ledge that she steps up on. Drop to
the lower area ahead.


As Turok continues forward, rain will begin to pour in an effort to make the
next portion seem all the more epic. Drop down the rock platforms to the side
and enter the open field up ahead.

Aw, would you look at that lizard in the distance... It's one of the siblings
of Mama Scarface - a Juvenile Tyrannosaurus (Juvenile T-rex). The first young
T-rex will run at Turok and attack him much like a raptor. Use your knife to
kill it off. More Juvenile T-rexes will appear from up ahead. Say, you don't
happen to still have that sticky bomb gun, do you? If so, shoot them with the
sticky bomb gun to make the blood and guts fly! You can also use Tek arrows
here. Try to shoot at two of them while they are close together for some real
big meat showers. May the blood drops and dinosaur pieces keep falling on
Turok's head while he remains in this area! Hide inside the middle log if the
small T-rexes every start to get the best of Turok in order to recover since
they will not follow him inside. The knife works well against them but,
because they are so short, the knife command will appear on and off at times
while next to them much like a Compy, so be quick when you see the button icon
appear in order to stab them. Move up the hill in the back of the area after
defeating all of Scarface's brethren.

More Juvenile T-rexes will attack near the top of the hill. These three T-
rexes will attack altogether, so try to defeat them quickly with Tek arrows or
the knife to quickly get rid of them so they don't all gang up on Turok.
Further up the hill, one more Juvenile T-rex will be waiting with his back
turned so sneak up behind it and kill it - toss a grenade to make it explode.

Run down the passage in the rock wall up ahead. After many twists and turns in
the tunnel, you'll come out on the other side and get to see quite a few
grenades on the ground up ahead. Step out into this dark area and collect the
grenades if needed.


Walk further ahead then drop down to the area below. You see that middle tree
up ahead? Well, you'll be running toward that tree in just a second. Drop
down to the area with all the dinosaur bones and a cutscene will play as Turok
collects the Comm Unit from the ground below.

-> Objective: Kill the T-Rex.

Boss: Mama Scarface

Well, you know that things are never that easy. Mama Scarface will stand and
roar at Turok directly following the cutscene. There are four safe areas in
this big open area that Turok can get to in order to avoid Scarface's attacks.
There are three trees spread around the sides of the area that have extra ammo
for the pulse rifle behind them and one of them has some extra Tek arrows.
Each of the side trees have a small cave in the wall behind them where Juvenile
T-Rexes will attack, so you'll have to deal with them while collecting the
ammo. I would highly recommend using either the knife or Tek arrows on the
smaller T-Rexes. The tree in the middle of the area is the main destination
for hiding from and damaging Scarface, so run toward the tree once you have
collected some ammo if you need it. Don't ever run around in the open area
outside for too long or Mama Scarface will knock Turok over and eventually
finish him with her jaws.

Get up inside of the tree then stand at an open end to make Scarface charge
toward the tree and stick her head inside in an attempt to grab Turok. Be sure
to back all the way up and maybe step to the side a bit when she sticks her
head into the tree or she might hit Turok. While her head is inside the tree,
shoot her face with the pulse rifle or normal arrows. As she drags her head
back outside, shoot her head with your weapons once again. There is really no
reason to go all out on her with Tek arrows for this battle. She falls just as
fast with normal arrows and pulse rifle fire. Hit her anywhere on her body and
she will sustain damage. Shooting her in her head will stagger her but she
still receives the same amount of damage no matter where she is hit on her

She will eventually fall on her side after she has sustained enough damage.
When she falls, run over to the top portion of her head near her eyes or
anywhere on her back and equip the knife then wait for the button icon to
appear and then stab her to trigger a cutscene and end the battle. If she
rises back up then just shoot her again to knock her over. It doesn't take
near as much firepower to stun her again when she rises after being knocked
down once.


-> Objective: Meet up with Whiskey Company.

Turok will wake up in the dark. Compys will be gathered around him as he
rises. Turok will only have his bow (with Tek arrows) and knife when he
awakens. There is a pulse rifle to the left and a shotgun to the right. Take
the left path and find the dead soldier along the way then take some more pulse
rifle ammo from him and collect the grenades. Move further to the left and a
Dilophosaur will attack followed by another Dilophosaur. Use Tek arrows or
spray them with constant pulse rifle or shotgun fire. Albino raptors will
attack down the hill to the right so take out the knife and stab them as they
get close.

Off to the left, look for the path underneath a tree root then follow that path
or move straight down the path up ahead or follow the far right path then step
through the log at the end. No matter which path you take, you'll arrive at
some stairs that lead down to a set of sliding doors. An albino raptor will be
feeding on a dead soldier in front of the doors so sneak up behind him then
stab him with the knife. Stand in front of the doors then pry them open. Move
on ahead then pry the next set of doors.


While moving around the corner some debris will fall from the right side in the
room ahead. Enter the room then move forward and a metal cylinder will bounce
out of the room to the left. Enter that room and maneuver through the shelves
then enter the hall on the left side. More objects will be bouncing up ahead
and a flapping tail will appear as Turok steps around the corner. Run directly
up to the albino raptor and stab him quickly since he will turn as another
raptor appears behind Turok - they try to ambush you here but with the
invincibility during the knife kill animation the back one can't hit you if you
stab the first raptor quick enough. Stab the second raptor afterward then
continue forward.

Grab onto the turret gun up ahead then shoot at the raptor in the hall.
Another raptor will run from the hall to the left in the back followed by
another raptor then one raptor will appear to Turok's right followed by one
more raptor that will run down the hall to the right (five raptors total). If
the turret overheats then just step out and continue the battle with the knife.
Try to shoot as they appear instead of constantly spraying the area with
gunfire. If you move around the right corner further ahead, you'll find some
pulse rifle ammo and some grenades near a body but a raptor will attack from
behind. Run up the stairs to the left then pry the door open at the end to get
back outside.


Grab the sniper rifle from the body to the left near the bottom of the stairs
then move up the stairs.

-> Objective: Meet up with Whiskey Company.

Move down the rock platforms up ahead. This area is filled with hiding Lurkers
that will attack as soon as Turok gets close to one of them. The Lurkers will
most likely find you before you can find them. Try to use the sniper rifle to
find them or shoot at them while you are on the higher platforms. Your main
destination is to the right of where you start. This is the same area that
Turok started out in at the beginning of this stage; the only difference is
that it is night rather than dusk. Keep moving to the right then hop up the
rock platform at the end and a cutscene will take place that will end this

,-----------. [CH08] ,--.
|___ ___/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | __
| | Chapter 8 | | / /
| | | |,/ /
| |--------------------------------------------------------------\ /
|/------------------------------------------------------------------\___ \

This chapter will start out with a cutscene that will lead into a great battle
as Wolf Pack storms Whiskey Company's camp.


-> Objective: Defend the Crash Site.

Grab the sniper rifle to the left side if you don't already have one. There is
also a sticky bomb gun in a box to the side that might come in handy later in
the battle. Move on out toward the metal canister and use the sniper rifle to
zoom in and shoot the MG soldiers that move over the hill up ahead. It is best
to pick off as many MG soldiers as you can while they are at a distance then
switch to the pulse rifle whenever they get close. A helicopter will fly by
and drop several more soldiers. Step behind the wall off to the right when
Turok needs to heal. Your Whiskey Company companions will help out quite a bit
during this battle. Eventually a cutscene will play where some heavy armored
MG soldiers will enter the area.

-> Objective: Eliminate the Heavy Weapons MG.

One of the MG soldiers will set up a mini-gun turret on the hill up above.
Shoot the turret to disable it after it receives enough damage. Find the MG
soldiers in the area and blast them. Be sure to step behind the wall if needed
and watch for grenades that the soldiers will throw. Fire disruption grenades
from the pulse rifle to stun the MG soldiers. The MG soldiers with the mini-
guns have some very heavy armor that a pulse rifle will have trouble
penetrating, so break out the bow and shoot them for a one hit kill if you ever
have trouble defeating any of them.

-> Objective: Help Slade stop the attack.

Cowboy will tell Turok to take one of the mini-guns from the enemy soldiers out
in the field once Slade contacts the group and Turok damn well should follow
Cowboy's advice because these ORO War Horse Mini-guns (Mini-guns) are a force
to be reckoned with if used properly. The primary fire of a mini-gun will spin
the front portion and fire out dozens of shots while the button is held down.
This weapon can shoot for quite a while without the need to reload. It has a
slow startup but this can be remedied by holding down the LT (or L2) button to
spin the front of the mini-gun before firing. The secondary fire will cause
Turok to lie down the mini-gun to form a mini-gun turret. The turret will scan
the area ahead of it and fire at any approaching enemy. The best part about
this turret is that it will not count as a currently equipped weapon so Turok
can take another weapon while the turret is still set up. Multiple turrets may
be placed throughout an area.

Take one of the three mini-guns in the area then gather ammo from the other
mini-gun pickups. There is also a box of mini-gun ammo back inside the Whiskey
Company ammo area (Crash Site). Run all the way up the hill ahead then follow
the path to the left at the top. Slade will be chased down by three MG
soldiers right when you enter, so take out the mini-gun and fire at them. When
you move past the first rock on the right up ahead an MG soldier with a rocket
launcher will fire at Turok and knock him back. Right when Turok rises and you
gain control of him once again, throw a grenade and shoot a disruption grenade
at him right before stepping back behind the rock to the right in order to kill
him immediately (both grenades are needed to kill him). You can also turn
toward the hollow log up ahead and to the right (past the rock) then move
through it and knife kill the MG soldier that has the rocket launcher. If a
rocket hits Turok at this part it will throw him off balance and turn him, so
BE SURE to note the direction of the red arrow whenever Turok gets up to know
where the enemy with the rocket launcher is located.

Step out to the side of the rock once the soldier with the rocket launcher has
been killed then use the secondary fire of the mini-gun to place a turret
beside the rocks so that it will fire at the MG soldiers up ahead. The turret
can do most of the rest of the work for you as long as the enemies do not knock
it over with several shots or a grenade. Grab it and place it again if they
knock it over. Stand back and fire at the remaining enemies with disruption
grenades and gunfire until a new objective is issued out.

-> Objective: Return to Crash Site.

Don't go back just yet. Be sure to grab the ORO RedFist RPG (rocket launcher)
from the dead MG soldier in the open area where the soldiers were at since you
will need it in a moment. Return to the Crash Site.

While returning to the Crash Site a Spider Tank will appear next to the rock
wall outside. Right when the Spider Tank appears, run directly toward the
Crash Site once it moves out of the way (the area where the ammo is). You can
actually arm the rocket launcher and fire a rocket at it while it moves up the
hill but you only have one rocket at the moment.

-> Objective: Get RPG ammo from the Crash Site.

Try not to even let this objective pop up. Be at the Crash Site before or
shortly after this objective appears and grab the rockets on the boxes inside.

-> Objective: Destroy the Spider Tank.

Stand behind the wall while the Spider Tank fires its cannon. The primary fire
of the rocket launcher will shoot a rocket normally and the secondary fire will
cause an eye piece to move out of the side of the rocket launcher and allow you
to home in on a target. Either way of firing is suitable for taking down the
Spider Tank - the lock-on will save you the trouble of aiming though. Step out
from behind the wall then aim and fire at but be sure to jump back to the side
(jump sideways) behind the nearest wall after firing to make sure that Turok is
not hit by the Spider Tank's cannon. If Turok gets hit at this part then he
will be thrown off balance, so try to get behind something immediately after he
is hit to make sure that he is not hit again or he will die. It will take
about three rockets to finish off the Spider Tank and a cutscene will trigger
once it falls.


,-----------. [CH09] ,--.
|___ ___/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | __
| | Chapter 9 | | / /
| | | |,/ /
| |--------------------------------------------------------------\ /
|/------------------------------------------------------------------\___ \

-> Objective: Investigate the light in the distance.

Turok is joined by Slade and Carter for this stormy chapter. Drop down the
rock platforms and prepare for a miniraptor attack as a pack of miniraptors
dash toward the group. Slade and Carter will take them all down pretty quickly
but you can slash a few of them with the knife to help your team out.

Take either path further ahead then move off to the right and find the tree
branch forming a bridge. Step across the bridge and collect the mini-gun ammo
and grenades. Run back across the tree bridge then take the path to the left
(facing the other side of the bridge). A pack of three albinos raptors will be
up ahead. One of them will fall into a pit in the ground and the others will
begin to attack then suddenly run away. Don't fall in the hole or Turok will
die! Move toward the path near the hole up ahead that Slade walks over to and
follow it then drop off the end when Slade tells Turok to go first. Something
up above will drop some rocks as the team moves down the path.


Continue to lead the way then drop to the open area further ahead. The team
will come upon many dino bones in front of the metal wall. Move toward the
damaged portion of the wall on the left then wait for Slade to give the next

-> Objective: Investigate the area.

Follow Slade over to the entrance of the building. Some metal cylinders will
fall from the roof. Just what the hell is toying with the team? Pry the
entrance doors open then step inside the building. Follow Slade and a cutscene
will activate as Slade pulls up a video on the computer screen.


Once the cutscene ends, turn your attention toward the door with the rest of
the team. Eventually a giant soldier bug will bust out of the floor and knock
Turok down as it grabs Carter and drags him below. You can't save Carter no
matter how much you blast the scorpion so shooting it is useless.

-> Objective: Find a way out.

Soldier bugs will begin to bust out of the floor throughout the room. Fire at
them with the shotgun while up close. They are actually scared of the
shotgun's flare also, which you can use to your advantage at times. The mini-
gun works well from a distance but you'll mainly be at close range so just
stick with the shotgun. In order to stab a soldier bug with the knife you must
first turn one over with a big explosion such as a grenade then equip the knife
and run up and stab it while it lies on its back. The soldier bugs can also
grab Turok and pin him down much like a raptor - follow the on-screen commands
to get it off.

Slade will run over to the ladder on the other side as soldier bugs continue to
move out of the floor. Don't bother with fighting many of the soldier bugs,
just make a path through them while shooting then quickly climb the ladder
since they simply keep coming if Turok and Slade continue to fight them off.
There is mini-gun pickup on the box to the left of the ladder if needed. While
on top of the building Turok will spot a helicopter on the helipad up ahead.


-> Objective: Get to the helicopter.

Turn around and grab the mini-gun ammo in the metal container and Tek arrows
from around the left side if needed while on the top of the building then walk
over to the walkway on the right that leads downward. Drop off and land on
crate below. Jump over to the other crate, look past the soldier bugs below to
see a building with a ladder on the other side. Slade will most likely jump
down before Turok and start to flame the soldier bugs below. Jump down
yourself and join in the party while you move toward the ladder on the building
up ahead. There are some Tek arrows, boxes of shotgun ammo, and grenades in
the metal container to the left. Just like in the building, don't fight the
bugs too much. Just shoot them a bit and run toward the ladder up ahead.
Slade will eventually man the turret below to keep Turok covered, so just make
a break for the ladder while shooting anything that gets in your way.

While on top of the building with the ladder, activate the turret then defend
Slade as he makes his way to the ladder. He won't have much problem getting to
that ladder. Drop down to the other side of the building past the gate then
fight off the soldier bugs that attack. There are only a limited number of
soldier bugs here, so arm the shotgun or the mini-gun and blast them. A
cutscene will play as Turok steps toward the helipad up ahead.

,-----------. [CH10] ,--.
|___ ___/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | __
| | Chapter 10 | | / /
| | | |,/ /
| |--------------------------------------------------------------\ /
| / DOWN AND OUT \ \
|/------------------------------------------------------------------\___ \

Turok will pick up Slade's ESUS Fireblade flame thrower at the beginning of
this chapter. The flamethrower is the best weapon to use against soldier bugs
since the light from the flame will keep them at bay and the flame itself will
kill them rather quickly. The secondary fire of the flamethrower launches a
napalm grenade that will explode on contact. This grenade is about as powerful
as a disruption grenade from the pulse rifle but it will shatter into a burst
of fire upon impact and knock back anything that it hits.

-> Objective: Find Slade.

Now Turok has to find his companion in this cave crawling with soldier bugs. A
few soldier bugs will attack as Turok moves down the tunnel up ahead. Don't
stand back and shoot from a distance with the flamethrower, charge right toward
a soldier bug and flame him since the light will cause the bug to back off.
Shoot the bugs with a napalm grenade to watch them explode into gooey bits.
Find the flamethrower ammo in the tunnel to the left. The tunnel directly
ahead has some air vents along the floor. Whenever the air moves out of the
vent shoot the air with the flamethrower to make a fire explosion on that vent
- this will come in handy throughout the cave for certain areas and battles.
Be sure to stand away from a vent when flaming the air current or the explosion
will hit Turok. Just for fun, the green eggs along the ceiling and walls of
the upcoming tunnels can be destroyed - the acid inside the eggs can damage
Turok however, so it is best to leave them alone.

Move down the right tunnel and step around the right corner. Fall down the
rock platforms ahead. A loud crackling of the ceiling will let you know that
this area is unstable. Equip the knife and run across the bridge then prepare
to jump as the bridge crumbles near the middle portion due to the falling
debris. While on the other side of the bridge, hurry and run to the opposite
ledge before the bridge falls. Up ahead there is a vent in front of a rock
structure that blocks the path ahead. Take out your flamethrower and shoot the
air current of the vent up ahead to destroy the rock structures barring your
way to the next area.

The right dead end up ahead has some flamethrower ammo at the end and the left
dead end has some shotgun ammo. A soldier bug will attack from behind at the
end of the left path. Follow the middle tunnel directly ahead. Stay on the
bottom path to find some flamethrower ammo near a dead MG soldier. This next
part can get confusing with all the twists and turns. The upper left, lower
left and lower right paths up ahead all lead the same way. Even though they
appear to lead to different areas they all meet up in the same spot. Follow
either of them and a save point will eventually occur.


The left side of the tunnel up ahead mainly has extra ammo pickups, so you'll
want to run down the tunnel to the right to stay on track for your next
destination. You'll pass by a few vents and hear some soldier bugs in the
distance. A soldier bug will eventually appear at the end of the tunnel. Try
to drive him toward the vent at the end with the flamethrower then shoot the
vent to make him and the rock structure behind the vent explode. You'll need
to shoot the next few vents with the flamethrower when the air moves out of
them in order to destroy the rock structure that bars the path ahead. Make
your way through the vented tunnel then prepare for a swarm of soldier bugs at
the end as they burrow out of the ground. They attack from all around, so use
some napalm grenades if needed.

Turok will now have a choice of three paths. The right path has some
flamethrower ammo at the end. A cave in will seal off the middle path once you
begin to move through it, so move toward the left path and fall down below. A
soldier bug will attack from the dead end path to the right. Flame him then
approach the vent down the far right path and shoot the air current with the
flamethrower to remove the rock structure that blocks the path ahead - you can
actually maneuver through it but we won't to blow stuff up, right?

Continue to follow the path ahead and some rocks will fall and hit Turok then
the floor will lower and prevent him from going back. Move down the tunnel
then duck and crawl through the narrow space. You'll come upon a set of ledges
overlooking a pit below. Carefully move along the ledge then follow the side
ledges downward. Jump from the ledges on the left side and continue to fall
down them at a slow pace to avoid damage. Drop down to the bottom then drop
down to the next area through the opening at the bottom. Turn around and keep
dropping down to the lower areas. You'll eventually reach an area where the
cave ceiling will fall making Turok have to duck down to fit into a narrow
opening. Move through the narrow opening and crawl through the small tunnel
behind it then drop to the next area.

-> Objective: Find Slade.

Walk toward the light up ahead that can be seen through the hole in the rock


Equip the knife in order to move faster then run all the way down the tunnel to
the left. Follow it until Turok reaches a big open area with a lake.


There is some flamethrower ammo off to the left and some more up ahead, but
don't get it unless you absolutely need it since there is a big battle about to
be fought in this area. Continue toward the rock bridge on the other side of
this area for a cutscene. So that is where that jackass snuck off to, eh? Why
we oughta... oh dear! What the hell is that!?

Boss: The Beast

The Beast will remain in the water throughout this battle, so you will have to
stay on the rock ground on your side and constantly move back and forth along
it while fighting him. This boss can seem like a major ass the first time you
fight it since it has some attacks that require some well-timed dodging in
order to avoid damage. Let's go through its attacks and how to avoid each of

Bite Attack - The Beast will lean its head back then quickly lunge forward with
its mouth to bite Turok.
Avoidance: Jump sideways (sidestep jump) to escape its jaws. You can also
stand in front of a vent and shoot it with a flamethrower while air flows up
out of it and it will hit The Beast if timed correctly. You must also jump
sideways to dodge the bite attack also after flaming the vent.

Tentacle Slap - The Beast slaps its tentacle sideways across the ground in
front of it.
Avoidance: Jump right as the tentacle starts to move toward Turok. The timing
for this a little strange but if the jump button is pressed at the right time
then Turok will avoid it. You can also back up against the wall to avoid this
at times but is not always guaranteed.

Rock Throw - The Beast grabs a rock from below the surface then tosses it at
Avoidance: Jump to the side (sidestep jump) in the direction of the tentacle
the moment that The Beast throws the rock.

Stalactite Throw - The Beast grabs a stalactite in each of two tentacles then
tosses both stalactites at Turok.
Avoidance: Jump to the left (sidestep jump) as soon The Beast releases the
stalactites and be sure to jump again to the left just in case.

The Beast can be hit with napalm grenades from the flamethrower and Tek arrows
while it swims about on the surface but you will eventually run out of these
and I would advise saving these weapons until the end of the battle since The
Beast will start to get out of control with its attacks by then and you will
want a way to finish him off quickly. The main way that you will want to hit
it is to stand in front of a vent that is spewing air and wait for The Beast to
perform its biting attack. Right when it begins to come toward Turok after its
roar, shoot the air vent on the cave floor and it will explode and hit the
creature. You must also jump sideways to dodge the bite after shooting the air
from the vent or Turok will get hit. Sometimes the explosion will stop the
creature's attack but it is not always guaranteed so be prepared to dodge. Be
sure to stand far enough back to where the explosion will not hit Turok

The Beast will sometimes surface after begin hit and it will sometimes perform
another bite attack so keep your eyes on it. There is always one vent that
will continuously spew air until it is shot. Once the vent is shot then look
for the next vent that will constantly spew air until shot. When moving toward
a new vent, equip the knife in order to make Turok move faster. Toward the end
of the battle, you will be jumping to the left so much that you might just want
to sidestep hop toward a vent while avoiding The Beast's attacks.

Eventually The Beast will move back under the water then surface again. It
will attack with its tentacles at that time, so jump to avoid its tentacle slap
whenever it tries to hit Turok. Jump as the tentacle comes toward Turok. You
can sometimes move all the way back against the wall and the tentacle will miss
Turok but do not count on it to miss - jump anyway. As the Beast is damaged it
will begin to throw rocks at Turok with its tentacles. In order to dodge
these, you will have to wait to the moment right as the rock is thrown from the
tentacle then dodge the opposite way it is being thrown in order to avoid the
rock. If the timing is not precise then Turok will get hit. Toward the end of
the battle, The Beast will start to throw two stalactites at a time, and in
order to avoid this you will have to sidestep jump to the left once he releases
the stalactites. I would recommend jumping to the right twice to avoid the
stalactite throw. It will mix in tentacle slaps along with rock throws toward
the end of the battle so be prepared to dodge to the side and jump at a moments

The Beast will constantly submerge then surface throughout the battle. It will
start off with bite attacks then it will go under and resurface then attack
with its tentacles. After it moves under the water again and resurfaces then
it will go back to bite attack then keep up the same pattern throughout the
rest of the battle - switching between biting attacks and other attacks per
surface. It will add in rock throws during the tentacle attacks as it is
damaged more but it will always only perform bite attacks when it starts, until
it goes under and resurfaces again. Toward the end of the battle the boss will
only try to bite Turok one time instead of three times when it surfaces to
perform bite attacks, so it is advisable to save your napalm grenades and Tek
arrows for the end of the battle in order to finish him off quickly.

More than anything else, this boss is all about timing. Hitting him with the
vents and dodging his attacks will require precise timing but once you get the
timing down he isn't that bad. Stay patient while fighting him and you'll
eventually get the right timing for hitting him and dodging his attack before
you know it. Once The Beast has taken enough damage then its tentacles will
flail into the air and it will fall as a cutscene triggers.

-> Objective: Follow Slade.

Turok will give Slade back his flamethrower so you will only have the shotgun
for now. Step up the rock bridge then jump onto the head of The Beast's
carcass and then leap over to the other side to join Slade. Lead the way by
stepping toward the lit up tunnel in the back. Turn to the right then follow
that tunnel until a new objective appears.


-> Objective: Get back to the surface.

Pick up the flamethrower from the dead MG soldier on the cave floor then step
around the right corner past the vents and fight off the soldier bugs that
attack. You can actually lure them toward the vents then shoot the air to make
them explode. Quite a few soldier bugs will attack up the ramp ahead. Keep
the flamethrower equipped and shoot at them to keep them off Turok. Be sure to
protect Slade also since he will help out quite a bit with his flamethrower.

Step toward the river up ahead and as you move up the area off to the right,
tons of soldier bugs will attack Turok and Slade. Use napalm grenades if they
ever start to crowd up in an area and switch between the flamethrower and
shotgun. There is a pulse rifle pickup next to the dead MG soldier to the left
but I wouldn't really recommend picking it up. Put down the shotgun then pick
up the mini-gun further ahead near the left edge of the cliff. BE SURE to pick
up the mini-gun since its secondary fire turret will help out greatly for a
battle that is coming up. Find the tunnel at the top of this area then follow
it. A few soldier bugs will attack along the way.


At the top of the tunnel, an MG soldier will be getting attacked by a soldier
bug. Allow the bug to finish off the MG soldier then kill the bug afterwards
or run up toward them and flame them both. It's really up to you whether you
want to pick up the handgun or pulse rifle in this area. The pulse rifle can
help out for the area above (mainly the disruption grenades) and you won't
really need the flamethrower if you rush while in the pit filled with soldier
bugs up ahead, so it's your call. Be sure to grab the grenades on the nearby
crate to the left.

Climb up the ladder on the left wall. The sounds of firing can be heard as
Turok climbs the ladder. When you get to the top, two MG soldiers will be
firing down into a pit full of soldier bugs. Take out the bow immediately and
fire a normal arrow at the MG soldier on the left then quickly fire one at the
right MG soldier for two quick stealth kills. Turn your attention to the left
and find the MG soldier that is about to walk by some metal crates. Hit him
with arrow to quickly take him down or you could hit the explosive metal
cylinder as he walks by it. A sniper is at the top of the high ledge in the
background off to the left - shoot the explosive metal cylinder up on the ledge
that he is on to immediately kill him. You'll most likely see his gunfire
before you can actually see him.

Run over to the right side (BE SURE TO AVOID THE HOLES IN THE FLOOR) and place
the mini-gun on the ground as a turret in order to shoot the MG soldiers on
that side. Take out the bow and find the MG soldier manning the machine gun
turret in the back of the area and shoot him with a normal arrow. A few more
MG soldiers will appear in the back of the area so take out the bow and shoot
them from a distance. Watch for grenades at this part - even the most distant
of enemies can toss grenades like a pro. You may want to reposition the mini-
gun turret to help take down the remainder of the MG soldiers. You don't want
to fall down below while at the starting of this part since Turok will have to
deal with the soldier bugs below and he will be shot at by the MG soldiers up
above while fighting off the soldier bugs. The MG soldiers will even fire at
Turok if a soldier bugs grabs him - this will quickly spell death for Turok on
high difficulties.

Be sure to find the Tek arrows in the box behind the ladder that Turok climbed
to get up to this area. Once the enemies have all fallen and nothing is
shooting at you, fall below and fight through the soldier bugs then run to the
other side of the pit. There is a rock ramp that moves upward on the right
side of the wall - it's by a damaged circular metal cage. Go up the ramp then
prepare for more soldiers to appear on the other side. Quickly lay out the
mini-gun as a turret and it will do most of the work for you. Hide behind a
crate and allow the mini-gun to shoot the MG soldiers as more appear from the
tunnel behind the pillar in the back. There are two more mini-guns along this
rock ledge so go ahead and set up at least one more turret then fall back down
below. Find the ladder on the left side of the pit, across from the rock ramp
that you used a few moments ago then climb it. Stay behind the crates at the
top if MG soldiers shoot at you then lie down your current mini-gun as a turret
and allow it to take down the remaining MG soldiers. With so many turrets
watching after you, the MG soldiers won't have much of a chance.

Pick up the mini-gun and jump across to the rock ledge where the MG soldiers
were. There is a small gap near the left wall that can be easily hopped
across. Search the ledges over for mini-gun ammo. You can move up the ladder
that leads to the higher platform on the left where the sniper was at and pick
up his sniper rifle also. Slade will catch up as you move ahead - he seems to
love roasting those bugs below. Find the tunnel on the other side of the cave
and follow it to end. Slade will catch up eventually.


-> Objective: Get back to the surface.

Climb both ladders then move up the cave tunnel at the top. Three MG soldiers
will be pacing around at the top. Take out the bow and kill them or you might
want to shoot the explosive canister to the left of them or toss a grenade. I
always seem to pin one of them to the back cave wall at this part. Climb the
ladder behind them then move down the tunnel up ahead.


,-----------. [CH11] ,--.
|___ ___/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | __
| | Chapter 11 | | / /
| | | |,/ /
| |--------------------------------------------------------------\ /
| / HEROES END \ \
|/------------------------------------------------------------------\___ \

-> Objective: Head North to reach the rest of Whiskey Company.

As Turok moves toward the exit to the cave up ahead, he will contact Whiskey
company. Logan will tell him to meet up in an area to the north just up ahead.
Move toward the end of the cave up ahead to spot a small supply area full of
ammo. This area has quite a plethora of ammo too! Arrows, Tek arrows, sticky
bomb gun ammo, sniper rifle ammo, pulse rifle ammo, oh my - what to horde, what
to horde!? Well, I would recommend keeping the mini-gun and taking whichever
gun suits you best. For me, I like explosions, so I take my trusty sticky bomb
gun. You won't really need the flamethrower that much anymore so it can be
dropped for another weapon. Knife the compys up ahead or walk past them.

Two MG soldiers up ahead will be fighting off two Dilophosaurs. Allow the
Dilophosaurs to kill off the MG soldiers. You can hit the explosive canister
below in an attempt to severely damage the Dilophosaurs and kill the soldiers
also. Allow the Dilophosaurs to come to you for the most part. You may want
to use the mini-gun to set up a turret down the hill. If you have sticky bomb
gun then shoot them with it and watch the body parts fly. Kill the
Dilophosaurs and a pack of spitter raptors will appear. Use the knife to fight
off the spitters and try to make them step in front of the turret. Don't step
down to the metal helipad below since they will surround your team easily. You
can take cover in the log on the other side of the area but you'll have to run
pretty far to get to it.

Once all the dinos have fallen, run up the hill on the other side. Two
spitters will be feasting on a dead MG soldier up ahead. Fire at them and try
to spam one with gunfire then prepare to fight the whole pack of spitters that
comes racing up the hill to join the others. Move on ahead after the battle.
Turn left at the big tree then turn and follow the next path that leads upward.
Kill the spitter along the way then move up to the opening below the overhead
branch and Turok will begin to talk.

-> Objective: Meet up with Whiskey Company.

Move down the hill up ahead.


-> Objective: Clear out the area.

An MG vehicle will be parked up ahead and MG soldiers will be pacing around it.
Run up to them while they remain unaware of Turok then use the mini-gun's
secondary fire to place a turret next to the rock wall on the right then step
behind the wall as the mini-gun does the work for you. A Lurker will attack
but just whip out the knife and stab him. Take down any remaining MG soldiers
with the bow. Move further ahead and another vehicle will appear and let out
more MG soldiers. Place a mini-gun turret next to the first vehicle then step
behind the vehicle as it fire and shoot a few of the MG soldiers with the bow
or another weapon while the turret fires at them. Watch for grenades here! BE
SURE to pick up the mini-gun before the last MG soldier dies since a cutscene
will take over eventually that will lead to the next area - you will keep
whatever weapons that you have right now. A helicopter will fly by overhead
but a cutscene will play as the helicopter is hit with a rocket.


-> Objective: Find a way into the Substation.

Directly after the group of cutscenes end, prepare to fire your currently
equipped weapon as Turok looks up toward the road up above as some MG soldiers
fire. Logan will hit them with a rocket before too long however. Place a
turret near the hill up ahead as MG soldiers move down it. Jericho will fire
his mini-gun from the back of Turok so be sure step out of his way or he will
hit you!

Both Logan and Jericho will help Turok out at this part. There is a sniper
rifle in the area where Turok starts that will help out for this part - be sure
to grab it and keep the mini-gun with you. MG soldiers will move up the hill
from the valley below so turn around and shoot them as they come toward the
hill. Shoot them with the sniper rifle or the bow as they move around the
trees below. Move up the hill to the side when the MG soldiers stop their
attack then fight the MG soldiers near the vehicle at the top. Place a mini-gun
turret near the vehicle for some extra support. Don't be afraid to use the Tek
arrows throughout this portion since there are some extra Tek arrows up ahead.
Grab some sniper rifle ammo from inside of the enemy vehicle after the MG
soldiers let up on their attacks. MG soldiers will come one at a time for a
while so keep your guard up while inside the vehicle. The MG soldiers that run
at you with the shotgun are some of the most dangerous enemies when you are
unaware of their presence.

Move on ahead carefully since plenty more MG soldiers will appear. Some of
them have heavy armor and come equipped with a mini-gun. Place the mini-gun
turret on the left side of the next vehicle then use the sniper rifle to shoot
the MG soldiers up ahead. Run inside the second vehicle and take the Tek
arrows from inside. After the MG soldiers stop attacking move on ahead and a
cutscene will play.

Logan will attempt to shoot the helicopter up above but he will get shot with a
rocket and drop the rocket launcher. Turok will fall back and while looking at


Once you regain control of Turok, quickly pick up the rocket launcher from
Logan's body then get behind the nearest rock to the left. Be on the lookout
for advancing MG soldiers that will try to step around the side of the rock and
attack. Use the secondary fire to bring out the red targeting piece then move
out from behind the rock and lock-on to the helicopter then fire a rocket at it
to destroy it. Be sure to keep this rocket launcher with you for the moment
and use it sparingly - it will help out greatly for the area ahead.


Shepard will now join up with Turok and Jericho to help out. Sit a mini-gun
turret near the rock so that it faces the hill up above and prepare for a few
MG soldiers to come charging down the hill. Some spitters will move out onto
the hill and attack as well. Allow them to finish off any soldiers that might
get in their way. Use the shotgun flare to draw their attention if needed.
Take out the knife and quickly kill them off once the soldier's have been taken

Pick up the mini-gun and run up the hill ahead. You can run up the hill to the
left to get back to the vehicle area if you need to scrounge up some ammo. You
can also find some extra ammo in the vehicle near the top of the bridge and on
the other side of the bridge - watch out for any MG soldier stragglers. Move
up under the overhead bridge and continue down the hill past the bridge. It is
best to kill the compys along the way since they will only get in the way as
you drop off the side and fight the spitters below. Continue around the left
corner up ahead for a save point.


-> Objective: Find a way into the Substation.

Duck and move through the narrow tunnel further ahead - just ignore the compys.
On the other side, Turok will step out to the front gates of the Substation.
See those spitters feasting up ahead? Take out the rocket launcher and lock-on
to them then fire a rocket at them. A helicopter will fly into the area to let
out MG soldiers eventually, so lock-on to it as well with the rocket launcher
and fire a rocket to destroy it. Booyah!

MG soldiers will step out from behind the damaged gate further ahead. Use
arrows or a sniper to pick them off as they appear. More spitters will dash at
the group from the left side near the gate. You can either enter the
Substation courtyard from the damaged gate or run down the left side of the
gate and enter from that direction. Either way, enemies will be swarming you
nonstop in this upcoming area.

Find a place to sit down the mini-gun turret if you still have it then run
around the base and fire at the MG soldiers that attack. One soldier up the
stairs near the gate has a rocket launcher so take him down quickly with a
rocket of your own or a sniper - sometimes he appears at a different spot in
this base courtyard. Speaking of snipers, you can climb the tower on the right
side of the courtyard and pick up the sniper rifle at the top and use this to
take out enemies while Jericho and Shepard fight below. This works out rather
well for the first wave of soldiers. Don't be afraid to use Tek arrows,
grenades, or rockets at any time to take out a whole group of enemies as they
move in groups. Don't ever use the knife in this base or you will be shot to
death in no time.

Achievement Alert: Wait for the vehicle to drive up then take out the rocket
launcher and aim at a single guard as one steps out with a group then fire a
rocket to easily get the "Loud Love" achievement.

As you work your way toward the left side of the courtyard a vehicle will drive
up and let out soldiers and a helicopter will fly toward the base every now and
then and let out more soldiers. You can shoot the helicopters with a rocket
before they let out any soldiers and you can aim at one soldier with a rocket
launcher as he exits from the vehicle on the other side then shoot him while he
runs with a whole group to defeat all of them at once. There is a soldier
manning the machine gun turret on the left side of the courtyard so shoot him
with an arrow, a Tek arrow or just lock on with a rocket to get rid of him. A
new objective will be issued once the enemies have been thinned out a bit.

-> Objective: Hold your position.

Shepard and Jericho will both race toward the sliding doors on the left side of
the Substation at this point. They will NOT cover your current location at
this time so make sure to have a heavy weapon - Tek arrows - to take down any
MG soldiers that try to rush Turok. Meet them both at the sliding doors and
use the machine gun turret to blast any MG soldiers that try to race toward the
door. Shepard will place a bomb in front of the sliding doors and will ask for
cover. Once the bomb has been planted, move out from the area directly in
front of the door as the explosion goes off. The team will tell Turok to pry
the sliding doors to the Substation. Don't waste any time in getting over to
the doors since soldiers will keep coming. Jericho and Shepard will cover
Turok as the doors are pried open. A cutscene will activate once Turok is
finished prying the doors.


,-----------. [CH12] ,--.
|___ ___/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | __
| | Chapter 12 | | / /
| | | |,/ /
| |--------------------------------------------------------------\ /
|/------------------------------------------------------------------\___ \

-> Objective: Meet up with Whiskey Company.

Cowboy will contact Turok through radio and ask him to meet up with Whiskey
Company at the beginning of this chapter. Shepard will still remain with Turok
and help him out for this chapter. Pry the sliding doors open to the left up
ahead. Some soldier voices can be heard in the distance as you step down the
ramp in the next room.


Shepard will tell Turok to pry the next door as he stands back and covers him.
Grab a shotgun from the weapon rack on the left wall if needed. Walk around
the right side of the middle crate up ahead and take out the bow then silently
shoot the MG soldier that faces the wall. Wait by the MG soldier's body and
look down the hall to the left and another soldier will eventually walk toward
you. Shoot him with the bow. Some Tek arrows are hidden behind a narrow metal
structure near the gate on the right side as you move down the hall ahead.

As you turn the corner at the end, try to shoot a few more MG soldiers with the
bow. One of them will likely catch site of you here eventually. Two more MG
soldiers will race down the stairs ahead - one of them has some heavy armor and
wields a flamethrower, so use the bow on him or try for a headshot with one of
your other weapons. Go ahead and pick up the flamethrower if you want -
flamethrower ammo is found often in the areas ahead, so it's a good choice.

Move up the stairs then run across the catwalk bridge up above. A few MG
soldiers will attack along the catwalk. The second one has a mini-gun so be
sure to pick it up. There is sticky gun pickup next to some flamethrower ammo
further ahead. Some MG soldiers will catch site of your group as you move down
the stairs on the other side of the catwalk. Lay down the mini-gun as a turret
as you step off the stairs then hide behind the wall and shoot at them. Set up
the mini-gun as a turret so that it points toward the bottom of the stairs -
trust me on this.


Shepard will contact Reese and ask him to try to get the door open. Reese will
mention that there is movement in your area.

-> Objective: Hold your position.

MG soldiers will move down the stairs of the catwalk that Turok and Shepard
just stepped off of. Set the mini-gun up as a turret so that it blasts the MG
soldiers as they move down the stairs. Stand back and fire at them with an SMG
or napalm grenades from the flamethrower while taking cover on the current side
of the room. They will stop moving down the stairs eventually and a new
objective will be issued. Some of them come equipped with mini-guns and
flamethrowers and they have heavy armor so don't let too many pile up at once
or they will begin to rush Turok and Shepard. Go for headshots with an SMG
when they get real close.

-> Objective: Meet up with Whiskey Company.

Once all the enemies have been defeated, Reese will contact your team and tell
them to meet up with the rest of Whiskey Company. Stock up on ammo and run
through the newly opened door. Some extra ammo is on the crate to the right in
the room ahead. Pry the door at the end of the room. As soon as you gain
control of Turok after prying the door, a raptor will jump on Turok so throw it
off with the on-screen commands. Rush into the room ahead and knife kill the
raptors inside. Shepard will receive a radio call then run over to the control
panel near the door to activate the lift behind it.

Reese will open the sliding doors up ahead momentarily. Walk through the doors
and step onto the elevator inside. Turok and Shepard will have a slight
conversation as the lift goes up. Once the doors open, run toward the members
of Whiskey Company in the room outside.


Shepard will run toward the door up ahead and open it. Shepard, Slade, Cowboy
and Reese will join Turok as you step into the room ahead.

-> Objective: Find a ship to escape.

There are some arrows near a column to the right and some extra ammo against
the railing. Move along the right side and a cutscene will activate. It seems
that the escape chopper has been damaged severely.

Raptors will hop down the platforms in the back of the area and attack as the
cutscene ends. Use the knife to defeat the raptors. The only real time you
will want to switch to a weapon is when a teammate is being mauled. Before
long, Cowboy will tell Shepard to get the next door open.

-> Objective: Get into the Control Room.

The whole team will rush into the control room, so follow them inside. A
cutscene will activate one Turok steps toward the controls. Just how deranged
is Kane for god's sake!?


-> Objective: Get out of the base.

Anyway, Shepard will rush over to the control panel on the right side of the
room and open the sliding door. Follow the path up the sets of stairs ahead.
It seems that this Substation is becoming unstable! Run through the door at
the top.


A very quick cutscene will play as you step out onto the catwalk ahead.

-> Objective: Destroy the MG Chopper.

Oh shit. A helicopter will fly downward and attack the team. Equip the knife
then run over to the right side of the catwalk and quickly step behind the
metal wall along the catwalk to avoid gunfire. Heaven smiles down upon thee
Turok, because right beside the metal wall is a rocket launcher lying on the
floor near the railing. Once the helicopter stops firing, dash out and collect
the rocket launcher quickly. Turn toward the chopper to get it in view then
quickly step back behind the metal wall once again. Use the secondary fire of
the rocket launcher to bring out the targeting eye piece then step out from
behind the metal wall when the helicopter stops firing. Lock-on to the chopper
then shoot it with a rocket and swat down that bothersome fly. If you're
really fast and want to take some chances, you can run all the way to the end
of the left side of the catwalk and use the rocket turret to shoot the
helicopter, but this will require a bunch of dashing and hiding.

-> Objective: Get out of the base.

Keep the rocket launcher with you. It doesn't hurt to have a big weapon for
the areas ahead. Most of your team will have already hauled ass through the
door ahead at the end of the left side of the catwalk. Only good ole' Shepard
will wait up for Turok near the door.

Run down the stairs on the other side then take out the knife and prepare to
fight two raptors at the bottom as your teammates contact Turok. Run toward
the next door to end this chapter.


,-----------. [CH13] ,--.
|___ ___/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | __
| | Chapter 13 | | / /
| | | |,/ /
| |--------------------------------------------------------------\ /
|/------------------------------------------------------------------\___ \

-> Objective: Meet up with Whiskey Company.

Turok and Shepard will start right outside the door from the last chapter.
Don't mess with the lava near the right side or it will obviously burn Turok.
Some dinosaurs can be seen up the path ahead. You can stand from the starting
position and shoot them with rockets but go ahead and save your rockets. They
are only Parasaurs anyway.

The Parasaurs will rush toward your current side eventually - don't get in
front of them and they won't attack unless you attack them first. Fiery rocks
will fall and hit the ground as you move up the path ahead. At the top of the
hill, Dilophosaurs will notice your team and will run up the hill after them
from the other side. Take out the rocket launcher and fire at them since this
part can get quite intense with multiple Dilophosaurs. A total of four of them
will attack. Napalm grenades work well to throw them off balance when they run
allowing you to knife kill them from their bottom side. Tek arrows work well
also. Hell, anything that goes "Boom" works well for a dilophosaur. You don't
happen to have a sticky bomb gun, do you? On a harder difficulty than normal,
I would highly recommend rockets here.

Follow the next hill to the bottom. Look off to the right and duck up under
the log and collect the pulse rifle and grenades on the other side of the rock
wall - ditch the flamethrower in exchange for the pulse rifle if you still
happen to have it. A Dilophosaur and some compys will step out from the right
corner as you advance ahead. Hit the Dilophosaur with an explosive weapon
while he runs then take out the knife and kill him from his bottom side.

-> Objective: Follow Shepard.

Before you follow Shepard, step around the right corner where the dinos came
from to find a sticky bomb gun by the MG soldier corpse on the other side.
Follow Shepard across the rock platform up ahead. A big bug will fly by as you
move to the top. Just what the hell was that anyway?

-> Objective: Meet up with Whiskey Company.

Two more bugs will fly by then a save point will activate as you step on ahead.


A whole swarm of Meganeura (dragonflies) will be flying in the sky above the
metal bridge ahead. A few of these bugs will eventually fly toward your
character and shoot some acidic venom at you. Use the pulse rifle to shoot
them when they fly close. These enemies can get very annoying with how
numerous and nonstop they attack so don't spend too much time attacking them.
Just attack a few while running then keep running. Run across the bridge up
ahead. Shepard will approach the turret on the right side of the bridge.
Allow him to shoot a few of the dragonflies until he asks for cover.

-> Objective: Hold your position.

Once Shepard tells Turok to cover him, run over to the turret on the opposite
side and use it to shoot the dragonflies. Turok is a sitting duck while at
this turret so if the dragonflies ever start to damage him too badly or you
need to reload then step away from the turret and use the pulse rifle. This is
highly recommended on higher difficulties. Shepard will open the door to the
building on the right then he will go inside and open the gate outside.

Once he opens the door to the building be sure to run inside. You can't stand
outside for too long with the bugs on high difficulties so make a break for the
door when it opens. Shepard will eventually activate the gate then leave the

-> Objective: Meet up with Whiskey Company.

Get past the open gate as quickly as you can. The dragonflies will not follow
Turok past the gate, but they WILL shoot venom at him while hovering near the
gate so defeat the few that attack on the way out and continue forward.

-> Objective: Follow Shepard.

Catch up with Shepard to trigger a cutscene.


-> Objective: Find a way into the base.

Follow your Whiskey Company companions as they lead the way down the rock path
- Slade, Reese, and Shepard. A cutscene will trigger as Turok steps toward the
base up ahead.

-> Objective: Breach the main vent.

Ok, now we're down to Slade, Shepard and Turok. Man, Whiskey Company members
die so unexpectedly, don't they? Slade and Shepard will separate from the
group and leave you with only Turok and Cowboy. The main gate of the base will
open up ahead as some MG soldiers charge toward the group. Grab Reese's sniper
rifle and begin shooting the MG soldiers as they move toward your position.
Cowboy will help out quite a bit in disposing of the soldiers. Soon a T-rex
will appear and start to attack the soldiers. Wait until the soldiers fight
off the T-rex. The T-rex will eventually leave - on harder difficulties it
will leave much faster and leave the rest of the soldiers to you. On normal
difficulty, the T-rex will stay for quite a while and kill most of the soldiers
before leaving - don't waste your ammo on the T-rex.

Fight off the soldiers until only a few rush through the gate at a time. They
never really fully stop. Run ahead and step to the other side of the gate then
take cover behind one of the tall metal pieces to the side. Step out and shoot
the soldiers every now and then and toss grenades at them. A helicopter will
eventually fly into the area on the other side and let out a group of soldiers.
Try to throw a grenade as they drop out to kill them all or shoot the ground in
the middle of them with a Tek arrow. Go for headshots as much as possible and
use Tek arrows if needed. There is a fenced area full of pulse rifle and
sniper rifle ammo to the right as you enter the base. Be on the lookout for a
soldier that will rush toward the turret on the high walkway on the left side.

When the soldiers stop coming you can either drop into the pit directly ahead
and duck then move through the narrow tunnel in the wall or go to the second
floor walkway and head to the turret. If you head to the turret then a
helicopter will fly into the base and let out MG soldiers - shoot them with a
Tek arrow as they fall out. More MG's will attack at that time.

It is best to drop into the pit and go through the tunnel below. Allow the
raptor on the other side to finish off the soldiers then step out and kill the
raptor. Move up the ladder to the right and quickly fight off the soldiers on
top - there should only be two on the immediate floor. A few more soldiers
will be shooting from the walkway above. Enter the small building to the right
and collect the rocket launcher from inside. If you ever feel pressured in any
way for this next part then whip out the rocket launcher or the bow with Tek

Go back outside the building then climb the ladder on the side of the building.
Soldiers will attack from the back of the walkway up above so hide behind the
metal crate and fire at them. You might want to use a rocket to start things
off since they run at you grouped. Take out the remaining soldiers then step
onto the platform up ahead. Some soldiers with mini-guns will fire at your
team from further in the back up ahead and it can be hard to get a steady aim
with all the gunfire so just lock-on to them and fire a rocket if you need to.
There is a sticky bomb pickup behind the fenced area to the right.

Grab one of their mini-guns then step around the big column up on the other
side just a bit and set up a mini-gun turret. Rush around the side and shoot
at the soldiers then back off and allow the turret to cover you. One MG
soldier will be behind a machine gun turret so be careful. There is some mini-
gun ammo off to the left in front of the sliding doors. Take a mini-gun with
you and head through the sliding doors up ahead. Keep the mini-gun and the
rocket launcher with you and climb up both ladders up above.


Slade and Shepard will be fighting off some MG soldiers up above. Set a mini-
gun turret in front of the stairs in order to pressure the MG soldiers around
the area then take out the bow and shoot at them.

-> Objective: Destroy the MG chopper.

A helicopter will fly toward the top platform and begin to shoot at the group
so take out the rocket launcher and lock-on then shoot it. If you don't have a
rocket launcher then quickly hide behind the wall pieces and work your way over
toward the small building on the other side of the top floor then grab the
rocket launcher and rockets inside. Shepard will plant and explosive near the
top vent.

-> Objective: Enter the vent.

Be sure to stock up on rockets and take the mini-gun with you then enter the
base through the hole in the vent.


,-----------. [CH14] ,--.
|___ ___/ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - | | __
| | Chapter 14 | | / /
| | | |,/ /
| |--------------------------------------------------------------\ /
|/------------------------------------------------------------------\___ \

-> Objective: Infiltrate the base.

Follow Cowboy down the tunnel ahead to join up with the rest of the group.
Slade will plant a bomb at the door in the next room so take cover. Pry the
doors once the bomb detonates. Fall to the pit below the door on the other
side. Run to the right side of the pit then climb the ladder.


Climb the next ladder then immediately take out a bow and shoot the MG soldier
up ahead with an arrow or hop over the concrete piece ahead and knife kill him.
He is the only MG soldier in the room. There is some pulse rifle ammo along
with some grenades in the boxes near the stairs. Move up the stairs along with
the rest of Whiskey Company and walk through the sliding doors on the other
side of the catwalk.

A few MG soldiers are pacing around the room below, so take out your bow with
normal arrows and quietly kill each one - there are only two. Shoot the
closest one below while he examines a control to pin him to it. If you're seen
then two MG soldiers will rush through the door on the other side of the
catwalk and attack. Run down the ramp at the other end of the catwalk. Much
ammo is on the bottom floor of the other side. Be sure to collect the arrows
and Tek arrows on the crates. Move up the ramp of the catwalk on the opposite
side then open the sliding door.

Take out the Tek bow and shoot one soldier as the two soldiers talk in order to
kill them both. A soldier with a flamethrower and another MG soldier will
charge the group from the stairs around the corner. Take cover behind the
metal pieces in the back of the room if needed. There is a sticky bomb gun in
the box lying on the metal crate near the right wall. Move up the stairs and
quickly shoot any close MG soldiers then set up a mini-gun turret in front of
the crate up ahead then step back behind it. Shoot the explosive canisters in
the next room to help take down the soldiers inside then use the bow to shoot
the MG soldier behind the machine gun turret in the back.

Pick up the mini-gun but don't collect the ammo from the other mini-guns that
the soldiers dropped. Run ahead and place a mini-gun turret as soon as any
more MG soldiers appear then run back and grab another mini-gun and charge in
with that mini-gun to really give the soldiers hell! One of the soldiers will
step behind the turret up ahead, so be sure to shoot him. The sliding doors in
the back of the area will seal off, so you'll have to find another way around.

-> Objective: Get into the Control Room.

Run back to the sliding doors for the current room then find the hallway to the
side with the shotgun and pulse rifle gun racks then enter the big room on the
other side.


Walk toward the middle of the controls up ahead and Shepard will open the
sliding doors off to the right side of the room. Turok will offer to plant
bombs in the generator room ahead to disable the generator system of the base.

-> Objective: Plant bombs to disable the generator system.

Run through the newly opened hall on the right side of the room.


Make sure that you grab the mini-gun on one of the shelves to the right as
Turok walks into the next room because you damn well will need it. Shepard
will radio Turok back and tell him that he hears sounds coming from the
ventilation system. Run down the stairs in the generator room and a dragonfly
will break out of the vent up above and fly up toward the center portion at the
top of the generator room. Other dragonflies will begin to gather up there as
well. They know you are coming, Turok!

Run toward the ladder that the middle set of stairs leads to then climb it.
Shepard will mention the flying bugs as Turok approaches the ladder then he
will recommend setting up the mini-gun as a turret for the generator area.
This part requires you to run over to each of three sides of the generator room
and place bombs on the control units at the end of each catwalk. The
dragonflies around the area will enter the area in a much greater number as
each of the three bombs is placed. The only real cover that you have for this
portion is the concrete piece in front of the control unit where the bomb is
placed and the metal walls along each catwalk. Mini-guns turrets will cover
you for a while but they cannot take down a whole group of dragonflies for you,
so you'll have to do a bit of hopping and dodging through this area.

The second that you get off the ladder and step onto the catwalk at the top
equip the bow or a gun then run toward the left side and shoot the MG soldier.
Run toward the generator control in the back of the catwalk and Turok will
automatically place --BOMB 1--.

Place a mini-gun turret in front of concrete piece outside of the area where
you planted the bomb in order to fight off some of the dragonflies. Run
through the metal walls along the bridge then grab the mini-gun next to the
dead MG soldier along the way toward the catwalk on the left side (middle
catwalk). Quickly run through the portion with the metal walls then plant
--BOMB 2-- on the control unit up ahead. The bugs will begin to appear outside
in a greater number now. Run outside and place a mini-gun turret next to the
concrete pillar then run through the metal walls along the catwalk up ahead and
then turn to the left and move across the next catwalk. Place --BOMB 3-- on
the control unit in the next area.

-> Objective: Exit Generator Room.

Escaping from the area where you place Bomb 3 can really be the hardest part of
this whole task. Don't even think about taking a mini-gun back with you since
they are your only cover for now. Run outside and jump while weaving to the
sides and quickly step into the section of the catwalk with the metal walls.
Don't waste any time inside the metal walls since the dragonflies will enter
this area very soon if you stay. Run toward the ladder that you used to climb
this area and drop. Turok will take damage from the fall but if you climb down
the ladder then the dragonflies will absolutely murder Turok by shooting him
with venom and you will die about midways down so to hell with the ladder.
Keep hopping and weaving to the sides then move up the stairs and back into the
room at the top. A cutscene will play once Turok steps toward the door.


-> Objective: Get out of the base.

Turok will stand up and be nearly unarmed. Follow Slade through the doorway up
ahead - Shepard will follow from behind Turok. Pick up Turok's bow and combat
knife from the hall just past the door then grab the lone pulse rifle on the
weapon rack to the right. Move into the orange colored room at the end of the
hall ahead.

Step around the left or right side of the orange room and you will come upon
two MG soldiers that are trying to open the sliding doors on the other side.
You can knife kill the back soldier then shoot the other if you want or just
shoot them both. Open the sliding door to the room ahead and watch as an
explosion kills a few MG soldiers inside. Shoot the rest of the MG soldiers
then continue into the hall. Debris will block the other end of the hall, so
pry the doors open down the left side of the hall.


Duck and move up under the debris that falls. MG soldiers will be attacking a
soldier bug up ahead, so just left them fight it out. Explosions should take
out most of the enemies but a few stragglers will be up the ramp - shoot the
explosive canister to make this part easier. Pick up the mini-gun off to the
left after moving up the ramp then pry the sliding doors to the left.

Move forward and place the mini-gun as a turret as soon as the doors are pried
open then quickly step back into the next room. The mini-gun will kill off the
MG soldiers to the left and thin out the dragonflies in the next room just a
bit. After the commotion wears down, grab the mini-gun then run across the
catwalk outside. Equip the mini-gun then blast the two MG soldiers on the
other side of the catwalk. Duck up under the fallen catwalk then step toward
the area in front of the door. The catwalk will lower a bit but it will not
fall into the lava.

Pry the door open on the other side then back up and shoot the explosive
canisters as the soldier bug and MG soldier fight inside to defeat them both.
Move up the ramp to the left then quickly place a mini-gun turret at the top
then blast the two soldier bugs with the pulse rifle while the turret shoots at
them. Move around the left corner.


Hop over the fallen pillar debris up ahead and move up the ramp further ahead.
Collect any pulse rifle ammo or grenades that you need then pry the door on the
left side of the area. Place a mini-gun in front of the door as you enter the
next room in order to defeat the dragonflies up above then race across the
right catwalk and shoot the two soldiers on the other side. Shoot the
explosive canister to defeat the soldier in front of the door faster. Move
into the next hall and collect the mini-gun ammo if needed. Shoot the soldier
bug as it moves down the ramp then run up the ramp.


Collect the grenades and other ammo off to the side if needed then pry the next
set of doors. As soon as Turok steps through the doors the floor below him
will crumble and he and his companions will fall to a floor with tons of
soldier bugs. Place a mini-gun turret near the back door behind Turok and
fight off the bugs with the pulse rifle or shotgun. The disruption grenades
can actually work well for hitting a whole group of enemies in this battle.

Try to lead the soldier bugs in front of the turret and be sure to save your
companions from potential maulings as much as possible since they help out
greatly. Albino raptors will join the party after a few soldier bugs fall.
You'll eventually have to pick up the turret and reload it since the swarm of
enemies is so vast! There are pipes and pieces of pipes that can be shot near
the side where you fell down from in order to damage the enemies in the area.
As the raptors and bugs stop appearing a Dilophosaur will enter the room from
the other side. Try to lead it in front of the turret then shoot it with the
pulse rifle. He shouldn't be that much of a problem with your three man team.
Be sure to pick up the mini-gun before leaving. Step through the doors that
the Dilophosaur entered the area from to exit this room.

Run through the hall up ahead and collect any ammo that you need. Make a right
then step to the end of that passage.


,-----------. [CH15] ,--.
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| | Chapter 15 | | / /
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After the door opens, run toward the ship in the next room to trigger a
cutscene. It looks like everything is finally over, BUT WHAT'S THIS!? Kane is
attempting to escape Turok's wrath... and this angers Turok greatly.


-> Objective: Prevent Kane from escaping.

There's plenty of ammo in the section of the hall to the right - pulse rifle
ammo, sticky bomb gun ammo, grenades and some Tek arrows. Be sure to grab the
Tek arrows and grenades for sure. While you're gathering ammo in the area off
to the side, an MG soldier with a flamethrower will walk by the hall outside.
Aim for his head then shoot him with the pulse rifle. Move down the hall ahead
and fire a disruption grenade toward the MG soldiers up the stairs to the right
then step behind the nearest wall. Step out and shoot at them then shoot
disruption grenades. One of them has a mini-gun. You can set up a mini-gun
turret here, but be careful. There is a mini-gun pickup in an alcove in front
of the stairs.

The upstairs room can get quite intense. There are two soldiers manning two
machine gun turrets near the doorway in the back and plenty of soldiers that
will charge toward Turok. You need to bring a mini-gun and set up a turret on
either side of the middle concrete pillar then take cover behind the pillar.
The soldiers will sometimes charge toward Turok from the other side. It is
best to have a pulse rifle with you so you can shoot disruption grenades toward
the back of the room in order to knock the MG soldiers away from the machine
gun turrets or you might want to use Tek arrows. Step out from behind the
pillar every now and then to shoot and be sure to reposition the mini-gun
turret when it falls. You might be able to set up two turrets here if you grab
the one that the prior soldier dropped and the one from the alcove in front of
the stairs below. Once all the soldiers have been defeated, step through the
door ahead for a cutscene.

-> Objective: Destroy Kane's ship.

Turok will look at a rocket launcher turret before the cutscene ends. Once
you're back in control of Turok, equip the knife then run to either end of the
catwalk and take cover behind the metal wall pieces. The portions that curve
are the best places to stand to avoid the ship's gunfire. Grab onto one of the
turrets once the ship stops firing then fire a rocket at the bottom front half
of the ship. The ship will eventually fire a rocket and start to shoot its
guns once again, so you will need to step back behind the metal walls along the
catwalk (stay near the curved portion). It might be best to run toward the
other end of the catwalk if Kane tries to pin Turok down with constant rockets
and gunfire at one end. Another cutscene will play once the ship has taken
enough damage.


During the cutscene, once Kane takes out a knife and tries to stab Turok, a set
of commands will appear. Input the on-screen commands while the knife fight
commences to fight Kane. There are some points where an input command can be
failed without being killed (when Turok is in control of the knife), but some
points of the cutscene will equal instant death if the command is not entered
properly (when Kane is about to stab Turok). If you find yourself having
trouble at this part then try pausing and unpausing the game during the
cutscene in order to catch a quick glimpse of the next command in order to
prepare for it - this really helps for trying to distinguish between left
analog, double button and the single button commands. Tapping one of the
shoulder buttons with your index finger can help for the single button
commands. Turok will eventually pry the knife from Kane's hands then wrestle
him down to the ground and stab him during the command sequence.


Objective: Kill the T-Rex.

Boss: Mama Scarface

Turok will start this battle with only his bow (with Tek arrows) and his combat
knife. For this battle, be sure to NOT stand out in the open for too long!
You need to run over to one of the large crates in the area. There are sticky
bomb guns and rocket launchers next to each crate in order to help you fight
off the T-rex. In order to beat her, equip the knife and circle each crate
then stop briefly when she is at a distance and fire off a rocket or sticky
bomb at her. The sticky bombs really work the best for this battle since they
fire so quickly - you can shoot about three of them at her before having to run
away. You can also fire Tek arrows at her. Each single explosion will stagger
her a bit. You will eventually have to run to another large crate in order to
get more ammo. Make sure that the T-rex is at a distance before running to the
next crate. You'll have to jump over the lava pools at times and sometimes the
lava can be right next to a crate, so be on the lookout for them.

There are some turrets that can be used in this area but Turok will be a
sitting duck while at that turret. You can also shoot the explosive canisters
as the T-rex moves past them. There is an SMG found near a crate that can help
out for shooting the canister, so you don't have to shoot them with a rocket or
a sticky bomb.

Once Mama Scarface falls, run up to her while equipping the knife then stab her
anywhere on her bottom side when the button icon appears in order to initiate a
very pleasing kill that insures that she will never catch sight of Turok ever
again. This cutscene will end the boss battle and the rest of the game.


The credits will roll after the remnants of Whiskey Company leave the planet.

Congratulations, Turok, your mission was a success!

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